Malahide, Day Trip

Malahide, Day Trip

February 2, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Malahide as Bray (see the post) e Holyhead (see the post), It is a tour to do in one day (day trip),for those in Dublin.

It is a suburban town, near Dublin, 16 km north of Dublin, no Fingal County. Na Ireland, the suburbs are the best areas to live, the town is very small and its main attractions is the Malahide Castle, Gardens and the beach.

Malahide Beach


Castelo de Malahide na Ireland

We went on a Saturday for Malahide Castle and Gardens, the best option to go there is train, costs about 5 EUR per person, from Dublin Connolly station in, It takes around 45 minutes to station Malahide, which is next to the beach and the Castle.

Malahide Castle and Gardens

O Castelo de Malahide which was populated by approximately 1996, It is a beautiful building, It has a walk inside, but we were only on the outside, in Castle Garden, a beautiful landscape, we made a picnic the afternoon and enjoying the summer in Ireland, it was great.

Castelo de Malahide

After the picnic, at the very end of the day, We went around the city, only next to the train station, I was rolling some shows, music on the street, with a super stage, stalls with beer and finger food, I not even need to mention that we ended up staying on the show a long time, It was really fun. And although we were only, I would no longer train to get back to Dublin rsrsrs.

Christian and Priscilla Gutierrez, Luciana Vale