Mapa das Cervejarias Artesanais em Barcelona

Map of Craft Breweries in Barcelona

March 27, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You're like us the TurMundial, crazy about beer? Always want to try new brands, drink the craft beer, travel and visit brewery?

So this post was made for you, We will talk about the craft brewers of Barcelona and show where they are.

We already know that craft beer is living his moment of glory and the breweries are in an amazing way and recovering techniques and mixtures so far out of the ordinary.

This weekend now, as I said to you in another post, had the Barcelona Beer Festival and throughout the city were giving mapinhas to visit the breweries that were there.

The Fomoré us not Rovira and Brewery na Catalluna.

The La Rovira is a very tasty Ale type beer, the bar of them has a very Spanish style, over 18 draft beer taps and many varieties of bottled beer.
No Brewery Catalluna, It is a more ballad bar, with darker rock and ambient music, we like, but we prefer the first.

Now that we have this map we enjoy getting to know other breweries and we count here as they are.

See this map Google Maps with all the breweries, beer stores, factories and more, click here.

It is always good to be aware, because Barcelona always have parties, especially now with the spring arrival and the trend is only growing, especially in summer, whenever know of any news we will tell here for you.