minute Barcelona – Holy Family

June 28, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

This week the webseries Minute Barcelona TurMundial will show you the Holy Family, masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, that revolutionized architecture in Barcelona with its modernist style.

The Sagrada Familia is a church, a large Catholic church in Barcelona city designed by Antoni Gaudí, construction began 1882, Gaudí near handled the project by 40 years until his death, the church today is under construction, many say that it will never be finished, but today the term that speak to be finalized is on 2026, year will be celebrated the centenary of the death of the architect.

The church had times when construction was halted, during the Spanish Civil War and then, because the architects who continued the work could not understand how to architect's design, what already existed new building mechanisms.

The church began to be built in neo-Gothic style, but after the own Gaudí changed the style.

In the future it will have three facades of the facade Naticidade, the facade of the Passion and the Glory facade the only one that is still under construction. Today the church has 8 but towers will have a total 18 torres, the biggest of all will be built in the middle of the church.

The Holy Family, It is the most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona and one of the most visited of Spain, Alhambra in Granada with, with it the long line to visit and buy a ticket, so it is much better to buy online tickets, thus avoiding queue to buy a ticket and queue to enter the attraction.

Besides visiting the church, you can buy tickets to go up the towers, You can choose between the north and south tower, I can not say what the best.

Uma boa dica para aproveitar a cidade é comprar o Barcelona City Pass which includes admission to Holy Family, Guel park, Airport Shuttle, tourist bus Hop on Hop off and + 20% off in other city attractions, eg house Milan, Casa Batllo, Camp Nou and more, besides avoiding the giant queues to buy tickets to the Sagrada Familia.

The visit can also be made with audioguide, to get to know the history of the temple.

She is very beautiful and striking the top of the church columns, the stained glass windows make a color gradient, a red side and yellow on the other side from green to blue, very beautiful.

The inside is almost complete, up was inaugurated by Pope.

When you visit, reserve umas 3 hours to visit and take a back side of the church to see all the facades of it, the side of the lake is very beautiful to take pictures.

The church is the tallest building in the city, say has a law that prohibits any building is taller than her, when you have the tallest tower in honor of Jesus Christ will be the height of 170 meters.

important Tip: Compre os ingressos on-line para evitar filas gigantescas.

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