Monastério de Ostrog, o monastério que fica incrustado na montanha

Monastery of Ostrog, the monastery which is embedded in the mountain

May 1, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The Monastery of Ostrog, It is embedded in the mountains of Montenegro, one of the most visited tourist attractions of the country after the coast, there will many tourists and pilgrims.

We went through there when we were going Sarajevo, capital Bosnia and Herzegovina, toward capital Montenegro, Podgorica, we did a road map by the two countries in the European summer.

Monastery of Ostrog

as discussed, the monastery of Ostrog It is the main place of religious tourism Balkan countries, is there 900 meter high Bjelopavlici plain and Zeta valley, so we have beyond the monastery a beautiful view of the valley and the landscapes of Montenegro.

Ostrog was built in the seventeenth century by the Turks, It was built inside the mountain, practically carved in stone, the site was chosen because of being away from it all.


On top of Ostrog monastery It is the cave that holds the tomb and St. Basil remains one of the religious who helped in building. After his death in 1761 sanctified it as church Sveti Vasilije (Basil d'Ostrog), recognizing alleged miracles, keeping their remains in a shrine in the cave church of the Mother of God.

Ostrog monastery

The monastery does not pay to enter, you only pay if you want to put some candles to offer prayers or buy religious souvenirs. Plus special place to put the candles, because the monastery has caught fire because of the candles, It has a basic holy water.

Ostrog It has a car close, will only have to walk a 10 minutes of stairs, but who have difficulty walking or are with small children can stop at another nearest parking.

We stayed there for about two hours and we would have lunch at a restaurant right near the mountain base, the restaurant is also a hotel for those who will visit the monastery, the hotel restaurant is the Koliba Bogetici, as it is also in the high valley, It has a beautiful view. We ate each regional dishes that is a type of meat jelly roll Milanese, a delight and, the other dish were divine a stuffed squid, the dishes were huge and cheap.

Koliba Bogetici

In monastery area also worth visiting the dam and Lake Piva, which has a wonderful water color, besides having a beautiful road next to the lake and go through tunnels made in rocks.

Montenegro Piva Lake

Spain also has a monastery that is embedded in the mountain, O Montserrat Monastery, well near the city of Barcelona. As the Ostrog, Also very much worth the visit.

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