Monte Verde – Mais uma das românticas

Green Mount – Once the romantic

October 7, 2014 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The TurMundial blog was more a romantic city Green Mount, some years ago, as you can see by our faces in photos, aiiii as time goes lol.

Monte Verde is a municipality of Camanducaia, It is in the Mountain range, extreme southern Minas Gerais, but it is much closer to the state capital (164 km) to Belo Horizonte (484 km). The climate there in the winter is really friiiio, but it's very good, so when we choose to go it was winter.

us in Monte verde

We stayed in a super delight hostel, which has several beautiful cottages call Balcony of the Hills (we always do these romantic getaways in hostels prefer chalets, we find tastier), Our cottage was super cuddly, with fireplace, Tv, dryer, table for dining, hammock on the balcony with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Forest, It has a great breakfast they serve at the inn's headquarters, has 2 pools one outside and one covered, but when we went it was so cold that even the animate, even with the sun did.

Green Mount - Once the romantic

Green Mount - Once the romantic

Green Mount - Once the romantic

This hostel is a 10 km from the commercial centrinho, super quiet to get, taking this tree in the middle of the lane, literally in the middle!! What do we????????

Tree in the middle of Green Hill Road

There are some trails of various difficulty levels to do we went on 2, actually we try to reach the end of gave up and went to another.


I'll tell right, when we went to the tracks and Pedra Redonda Pedra Partida (I did not even know was track, Chris deceived me lol, for he loves those things) and I found it to be straight, quiet, almost kill, I went to the bag and jeans, for you to see how I'm used to being ecotourist, descontem but the fact that I do not know where I was getting myself lol.

tracks and Pedra Redonda Pedra Partida

At the trailhead, there is a fork to choose between Round Rock or Pedra Partida, I talked to did not know: Ah!! We're going to Pedra Partida, sad that my choice, I'm not used to trails, almost died of heart, was almost 1 hour walk, in the bush, but sooo bush and suddenly was so steep that we would need to climb lol, not even need to say that we turned around and went back, means discouraged, because even after so much effort can not see the view, but we begin to see a lot of people saying that the Round Rock was next door and it was super easy and quiet to get, I was almost scared to death to be another stolen, but Chris convinced me and we went to Round Rock, really it was quiet and we could see the beautiful view, It looks a picture, worth it. See photos.

TurMundial in Monte Verde in Minas Geraaçis

The city is well centrinho gostosinho, with many bars and restaurants delicious, we went on 2 bars and 2 restaurants and love all, but we do not remember the names, but most are cute, It has fondue rotation (meat, ave, boar, yes I said rsrsrs boar but is good, cheese and chocolate hmmm delíciaaa) and not too pricey.

Monte Verde center

Christian and Priscilla in Minas Gerais

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