Montreux, uma cidade encantadora à beira do lago Léman

Montreux, a charming town on the edge of Lake Geneva

April 12, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Montreux, the beautiful city by the lake Léman, in Switzerland, enchants already before arriving in the city, because the way the train is to arrive in the city is a true marvel of nature, find out more here what to do in Montreux.

The city is famous for its climate, which led many famous decide to live in the city and enjoy life there, como Freddie Mercury e Charles Chaplin.

But it is not only famous for the famous who lived there, Montreux is a charm, the place we like to stroll the boardwalk was on the lakeside Geneva, full of flowers with a view of the lake and in the background the huge Swiss Alps still snow-covered tips, we were at the beginning of the spring European.

o que fazer em Montreux

We were there on a trip we made by Switzerland, We took advantage of the Easter holiday, that Barcelona is a holiday on Good Friday and on Monday, before getting passed by Zürich, Lucerne e Lausanne, and then from there we still had one more city to meet, Geneva.


Montreux being a small town and we only noon, there spent the afternoon, during the morning we were in Lausanne, city ​​is a 30 minutes there train, and speaking of train, in our opinion is the best option to travel by Switzerland, even we made a post about how to buy train tickets tips in Switzerland, train there connects all the cities and for being a small country paths are short, the stretch further than we took was to Lausanne Lucerne, that were about two hours, the landscape that you see during the trip are beautiful, and the trains are very good, some even has a mini amusement park for children in a wagon.

Coming back to the city, we arrived at the Montreux station, and as we were with backpacks, let ourselves lockers the station, we pay 6 Swiss francs, turning out around 5,50 euros, it is a locker It was enough for our two backpacks.

estação de Montreux

The station is well within the city, almost dividing the city from the top of the town and the lakeside, We went straight to the lakeside.

Things to Do in Montreux and what are the main attractions of the city?

A main attraction of Montreux it's the boardwalk by the lake Léman, we stayed there strolling the boardwalk that has several benches to sit and enjoy the scenery, as I said this waterfront is full of flowers and well wooded.

calçadão à beira do lago Léman

calçadão à beira de Montreux

calçadão à beira de Montreux na margens do lago Léman

At the lakeside is statue in honor of Freddie Mercury, where everyone stops to take a picture, there are times when it is almost impossible to take a picture with no one next to the statue, but as we were there a while, we can.

estátua em homenagem a Freddie Mercury

Another attraction is to go to the Alpes, catch a train that climbs the mountain and goes to the ski resorts, as we were only there for a few hours there was not time to go, but they say it is a very lovely walk, but prepare your pocket for the city and the whole country are very expensive, just to get an idea a Big Mac in Switzerland costs unbelievable 12 euros, double the amount we buy here in Spain, a dinner to eat a fondue not leave for less than 70 euros, not to mention the wine.

Also in the city boardwalk it is possible to walk to the Chillon Castle (Chillon Castle), a castle on the edge of beautiful Lake, it is a 3km walk from the center of Montreux, there is possible to visit the castle, the night is illuminated.

Other people do are rides for a wineries which has in the region, should be beautiful by sight that must have the lake and the mountains.

Us as we were very tired having walked the three days we were in Switzerland, average of about 20Km per day, that afternoon we decided to just have a few beers at the lakeside and enjoy the day. Our feet were screaming already lol.

Passeio de barco na lago Léman

A curiosity, that day everyone in town were costumed, I do not know why, but should be a very famous and cool party, They were fantasies of all kinds, love.

At the end of the day it's worth enjoy the sunset sitting on one of Montreux boardwalk benches.

pôr do sol sentado em um dos bancos do calçadão de Montreux

pôr do sol em Montreux

pôr do sol no Lago Léman

After sunset it was time to go to the station to catch the backpacks, buy some food (not to spend a lot on dinner) the Coop supermarket next to the station and go to Geneva city where we would stay in.

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