Montserrat, a montanha, o monastério e as trilhas

Montserrat, the mountain, the monastery and the trails

September 26, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Montserrat (Monte Serreado), It is a mountain for about 50Km from Barcelona, this mountain is located the Montserrat monastery and sanctuary in Spain, and has several trails through the mountain to reach the many local churches, the peaks and other.

Priscilla Gutierrez and Gutierrez's Christian TurMundial)

Monte Serreado

We went over there taking advantage of the visits of the uncles of the Pri Barcelona, by car It is very close and fast, on top of the mountain has parking and the value is more or less 6,50 euros, You can also go by train, arriving at the foot of the mountain, from there you can walk up, It is a very long walk because the monastery is over 1.000 meters, You can go by cable car or chairlift, I do not know the price since we drove.

Montserrat (Monte Serreado)

Montserrat (Monte Serreado)

Montserrat (Monte Serreado)

The place is visited, with many buses that go beyond tour, leaving several cities, mainly from Barcelona, so it's good to arrive early.

Things to Do in Montserrat and what are the main attractions in Montserrat.

We arrived around 11 am and the morning we left there around late 5hs, It has many things to do there, the main thing is the second visit Monastery legend, an image of the Virgin was discovered in the year 880 in the Holy Cave, and then this Montserrat in Spain It has been associated with spiritual. Besides the monastery and the Holy Cave, the mountainous complex contains a number of small churches and chapels, such as Santa Cecilia, São Bento, Saint John, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Michael and St. Jerome. The site does not have a safe date of construction of the Monasteries, it must have been around 1.011 D.C, for more information please on Official page of the Monastery

Things to Do in Montserrat


which are the main attractions of Montserrat

During the visit inside the Basilica, make a wish and prayers to the Virgin of Montserrat, the image of the Virgin is behind the basilica's altar.


irgem Montserrat

There you can do some trails, among them is the trail to the Sant Cova, Saint John, São Miguel, St. Jerome and St. Mary Magdalene.

Holy Cave, Saint John, São Miguel, St. Jerome and St. Mary Magdalene

Holy Cave

St. Mary Magdalene

We did the trail to Sant Cova, to this trail, a party may go by cable car(funicular, the name they call here).

Holy Cave

Holy Cave

trail to Sant Cova

trail to Sant Cova

To get the tracks of St. John and St. Mary Magdalene, you can also make a part of cable car, buying the two cable cars with round trip costs 13 EUR per person.

St. John's trail

Track Santa Maria Madalena

On track to St. John we find it very dangerous track, with a piece of cliff pretty hard, so we did, see how the track, but then we found that has another way.

trail to St. John

trail to St. John

I did the trail to go in Santa Maria Madalena, It is much more difficult to track, but I did not have a part cliff, so I did, the local church is in ruins, but the view from there is wonderful, I went up a little more and got to the top of the mountains, the climb was tiring and dangerous.

St. Mary Magdalene

St. Mary Magdalene

As we almost all day there, We had lunch there, You have several options from one grocery store to cafeterias and restaurants.



The tour was amazing and I recommend to people who are in Barcelona to do this tour.

Montserrat near Barcelona

Montserrat Spain

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