Mostar e sua incrível ponte romana

Mostar and its amazing Roman bridge

April 8, 2019 9 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Mostar It is one of the most visited cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is due to two factors, one factor is the beautiful Roman arch bridge and the other to be very close to the border with Croatia, the city is near Split e Dubrovnik two wonderful cities visited in the very Croatia.

With us it was different, since visited several Bosnian cities, in a script 9 days by Bosnia and Montenegro we did and, one of the main stop on our itinerary was Mostar.

Mostar It was our third stop in Bosnia, before we had visited Trebinje e Stolac, We arrived in the city in the afternoon and luckily we were well in the championship season of Red Bull Cliff Diving, where people jump from the bridge with a height of 24 meters, and because of the city championship I was very excited with various parties and events.

Old Bridge ponte de Mostar

As soon as we stopped the car at the hotel we had booked, very close to the city center, O Hotel Appleline Apartments, as well as being well located the hotel is very good, well clean, with pool, the rooms have kitchen, air conditioning and all, and even though wi-fi, because when we arrived the owner did not hear the bell and we had to call it the mobile Skype connected in the hotel's wi-fi, since we were without our international chip and we found no easy chip to buy in Bosnia. A very important tip for travel, have Skype installed on your mobile phone and credit for calls (10 dollars is more than enough, as a link cost cents) so it helps prevent some communication problems as in this case, and out infinitely cheaper than an international call.

Hotel Appleline Apartments

Things to Do in Mostar in Bosnia?

The old Mostar Bridge in the historical center called City Stari Most, is the main tourist point of Mostar, the bridge a lot of attention for being all stone arch it was made by the Romans in the sixteenth century and crosses the river Neretva, the bridge was destroyed in the Bosnian War, at the time of independence from Serbia, but in 2004 it was rebuilt and is beautiful.

Today it is a UNESCO cultural heritage, and people jump and dive from it 1664 e, as we said it is used for the championship Cliff Diving da Red Bull em Mostar, we saw as soon as we left our hotel and we stopped there for the jumps and the beautiful bridge.

Cliff Diving da Red Bull em Mostar

O Rio Neretva, It is a river of crystal clear water due to the presence of limestone in the water, this region of Bosnia has many lakes and crystal clear waters, as in the region Plitvice park in Croatia.

Mostar is a medieval Roman city and has many medieval streets around the bridge in the old city center, just walk downtown already worth, the streets are full of restaurants and bars, a more charming than the other, beyond the souvenir shops.

And still have the Bey Mosque Karadjoz (Karađoz Bey Mosque), on the river banks, Another very interesting place to meet.

Bey Mosque Karadjoz (Karađoz Bey Mosque)

After giving several turns in the city center, know all your heart and see various views of the bridge from several places, we stopped for our dinner at Babylon restaurants, It has great food and a beautiful view of the bridge and the city, the prices are very cheap compared to many places in Europe, We stayed there enjoying the view and taking some drinks.

Babylon restaurants

As the city was celebrating enjoyed the various shows they had because of the league that usually happens in the summer in July and August, in 2019 will be on 24 of August.


After all enjoy this party, We went to sleep late, but still we woke up early to see the bridge again, but this time without the structure of the jumps and to continue our journey through Bosnia, the next stop was Blagaj.