Museu do Picasso em Málaga, Barcelona e Antibes

Picasso Museum in Malaga, Barcelona e Antibes

June 19, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The week of 19 a 25 of June, It takes place the week the museum, also known as Museum Week, and we the TurMundial along with RBBV (Brazilian Network of Blogs Travel) we are participating in this event and we will talk about the Picasso Museum in Malaga, Barcelona e Antibes. This week museums around the world and, bloggers like we'll make a tuitaço with the hashtag #museumweek.

Pablo Picasso was one of the biggest names in the world of painting and mainly from Spain, where was born, is yes France, where he lived most of his life, He lived there because of the Spanish Civil War and because of General Franco.

He revolutionized the art of the twentieth century, He was co-founder of cubismo, besides painter, He was a poet, sculptor, ceramic artist and playwright.

It is such an important character in the arts that has several museums focused on his art around the world, Here we highlight the museums of Málaga, Barcelona in Spain and Antibes in France.

The Picasso Museum in Malaga met on a boat trip that stopped in the city, and the tour we did, We got to know the museum, Malaga Picasso is important in history because it was there where the master was born and began his first arts, even helping in the paintings that father did.

Picasso Museum in Malaga

The Museum in Malaga has more than 285 Picassos, It includes the collection of revolutionary innovations of Picasso, as well as the wide variety of styles, materials and techniques that dominated. From the first academic studies to his vision of Classicism, through the overlapping planes of Cubism, pottery, their interpretations of the great masters and the latest paintings of the years 70. In 13 March 2017, the museum made its way reorganized, lights in all frames and 166 new works in LED which significantly expanded the museum's catalog.

The visit of the cost price 14 euros.

Barcelona was also an important place for the painter, after living with the family for a while in La Coruña, they were living in Barcelona, and there passed with flying colors and was selected for the art school La Lonja, this only with 14 years old.

Picasso Museum in Barcelona

The museum in Barcelona, It has a collection of 4.249 Picassos in various arts such as painting, sculpture, drawing, and engraving, are the most important works in the world of his youth.

Unlike the Museum of Málaga, the Barcelona attracts many tourists and often have a large queue to get, then I prayed a long time to make the visit.

The price of the guided tour of the ticket is 36 euros the simplest visit costs 11 euros.

The Picasso Museum in Antibes, It is located within an ancient castle of the fourteenth century, which was offered to Picasso to turn his workshop of art 1964, two years later she became a museum of arts master. This museum does not have so many works as the Barcelona, but the architecture of the building and the Picasso leave the workshop with a special air museum.

Picasso Museum in Antibes

The price of admission is 11 euros.

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