Mykonos, não são só baladas, têm muitas praias lindas

Mykonos, They are not only ballads, They have many beautiful beaches

August 9, 2017 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Mykonos is one of the main and most famous islands of Greece, there were a cruise Greek Islands, and this island was our first stop, where the ship was docked two days, We arrived at 10am in the morning and we left the next day ace 16hs.

Mykonos Greek or Portuguese in Mykonos, is an island that is part of the Cyclades islands, the Aegean.

The island is well known for his ballads in Super Paradise and Paradise beaches, many say it is the Ibiza of Greece, but the island is much more than ballads and parties, They have amazing beaches, the city and its port are beautiful, It has a setting of the sun goes down at sea, it is wonderful, It has small Venice, white houses, mills, Finally many other tourist attractions to meet in Mykonos.

Mykonos Greek or Portuguese in Mykonos

In these two days we stayed there, We plan to meet almost all the island, and the best way for it certainly is to rent a quad bike or a scooter, as we do not have a valid driver's license for motorcycle in Greece, because here in Spain and elsewhere as Italy, the car driver's license is also valid for driving motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc, but not in Greece. One important thing, it is good to book in advance ATV, not to run the risk when you get there, no more.


We booked with the Hercules Car & Bike Rentals, and we ask that they hand over the quad at New Harbor, o Tourlos Mykonos, but when we got off the ship, there was no one waiting for us, this because we had on before confirming the booking, we get a little angry about it, because we would lose time to resolve, but we had to find a way, We found talking to the local people there in the harbor that Hercules was near the old port of Mykonos (Old Port of Mykonos City), and I had a boat that was a BoatBus that made the trip between the two ports, that they are right next to each other, we pay 2,50 Euro per person and went to the video store, getting there talk of booking and why they were not deliver the ATV there? The guy said they were waiting for us to call them, for then they take you there lol, summing up, it is better to take the ATV in the store to not have these problems.


This also happened because we were not yet in the phone with internet, because our plan is the company Orange Spain, very expensive to use in the Greek Islands, and we had to buy a chip in Greece, but the first day we were in Athens the shops were closed because it was Sunday and we left to buy in Mykonos, but before you buy gave this scroll, the internet was very important to us for us to use the GPS and we can get to the beaches and other tourist attractions of the Islands, so if you think about doing the same to buy a chip soon as you arrive in the country or buy one in advance international travel chip.

Greek islands

After we solve that little problem with the reservation of the ATV, Rent cost 35 euros for 24h, (took to 11:30morning hours of the first day and returned the next day at the same time), we know the Island, but before we had to put fuel and buy the chip blessed, the tank was nearly empty, We stopped at the first place and put 10 euros, which is quite something, you can do many Kms with this value, when we were about to leave the station the ATV did not work, we think Vixe, We are packed, now it will take a long time to get out of here, (thankfully only it was what went wrong, the rest was wonderful), and yet we were with the cell chip to call the rental company, lucky for us that the guy's super good people post offered to call from the office phone and spoke with staff what the problem was and they came very quickly to solve the problem, it was only exchange the spark plug.

After that we can buy the chip for Vodafone 25 euros with only 3GB internet data, and finally enjoy the ride.

Things to Do in Mykonos? And what are the main attractions of Mykonos Island?

Our first destination was the beaches, us before any trip researched a lot in blogs and websites to plan the things to do in each place and left everything marked with stars in Google Maps, it makes it much easier, Our first stop was Ftelia Beach beach, a beautiful beach of Mykonos with a few people, a beautiful sea with that blue color of the beaches of Greece and white sand, already arrived and were straight to the sea, it was soooo hot.

Things to Do in Mykonos?

And what are the main attractions of Mykonos Island?

degree beach

The second beach we were on that day was the degree beach, It is a bit away from the center and has a piece of dirt road, but it was very quiet get, as well as of Ftelia Beach, Fokos is very beautiful and with few people, but this beach has a little more than stones and has a restaurant in front of the beach, It seems to be a delight, but we did not eat there.

degree beach

of Myconos Beach


Kalafati Beach

Already in the early afternoon we meet two more beaches of the Agia Anna Beach, and the Kalafati Beach, in our opinion the beach of Agia Anna is prettier than Kalafati, so we were on this beach which by the way we found the most beautiful Mykonos Island, there were quite time, before we bought a finger food and drinks in a mini market that was on the beach path, if you prefer there is also has a restaurant, but not to spend much prefer to do so.

Agia Anna Beach

Agia Anna Beach

Agia Anna Beach

Later that day we know the beaches Elia Beach, which is also beautiful but the first four are more beautiful.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach Beach

And the famous Super Paradise Beach, where are the super known ballads of the Island Jackie O’ Beach Club & Restaurant, a Pinky Beach Mykonos and the Super Paradise Hotel and Ballad, sand his intention to go to Mykonos are the parties, this is your beach, It has a lot of electronic music and are well filled, we find the beautiful beach, more normal, others that we mentioned above are much more beautiful and calmer, We have prefer quieter beaches, then see which you prefer.

Super Paradise Beach

Jackie O’ Beach Club & Restaurant

Super Paradise Hotel and Ballad

As I was getting late and we had not much liked the beach, because we were not looking to party, We were behind the spectacular Sunset which has in Mykonos Island, there are many places to see the setting of the sun and the most famous is in the mills Windmills of Kato Mili (click here to view in Google Maps location), there is only the view of the sun sinking in the sea, we find that the most beautiful view is on a lookout in street Epar. From. Mykonos (click here to see the site), It is more beautiful because it has the look of the city, the port with white houses blue roof along with the setting of the sun, see the pictures below.

Windmills of Kato Mili

to-do-sol in Windmills of Kato Mili

Windmills of Kato Mili por do sol

Sunset in Mykonos

Mykonos night

We sat there enjoying this wonderful spectacle of nature until very dark, then there left the ATV near the port, We strolled a bit through the streets of downtown Mykonos, including by the called party Little Venice.

After that it was time to go back to the port and take the boat to our cruise, which was already anchored in front of the old port.

Cruise in Mykonos

The next day we still had a few hours of quadriculo rent it contained ace 11:30h in the morning, so we left early the boat, around 8 am in the morning and went to see other beaches, the first was the Agios ioanis Mykonos, a beach closer to the city center, beautiful morning and only we had us on the beach, also this time was only going to have the same people lol. The beach is very pretty with good clear sea.

Agios ioanis Mykonos

Agios Ioanis Beach Mykonos

Then we rapidly Ornos Beach (famous on the island), but we saw was pretty high hair, but a normal beach.

Ornos Beach

So we tried to get in Psarou Beach, in GPS threw us for a pirambeiras that our ATV that was soft spot could not climb lol.

Since we could not reach this beach decided know also famous Paradise Beach, for his ballads, this beach that started the festivities in Mykonos, nowadays the beach with more parties is the Super Paradise, in Paradise is the oldest ballad Tropicana, the beach as well as the Super Paradise is beautiful, but we keep finding the Agia Anna Beach much better.



But we were there enjoying the last moments before returning the ATV.

After we return the quadriculo, We visited the city center during the day, because we had only known overnight, spent several beautiful little churches Greek Orthodox, for several fofíssimas and small alleys.

beautiful little churches Greek Orthodox

Greek Orthodox

There we find one twice Pelicano who lives there loose in the city center, it becomes an attraction for all, the Pelican is very large and well sociable, to take a fright, because we had never seen one near.

Mykonos Pelican


After we walk by Little Venice, so named because the houses, bars and restaurants built by the sea, They have places the waves splashing on the streets and in people, They say that the houses were built by pirates who had to come fast and leave the port, so they built so close to the sea.

Little Venice Mykonos

Little Venice

small Venice mýkonos

In the city center is also the Windmills of Kato Mili, that we talked about that the staff is there to see the setting of the sun, there is a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and the city.

Windmills of Kato Mili

Mykonos wind mill

Already in the afternoon we had to go back to the cruise, toward the next stop, to Crete.

Pullmatur cruise

That night in cruise It was the night of commander, with dinner a la carte especially in the main restaurant.

Leaving the island also took several photos of the ship towards the town of Mykonos.

Ship saw another sunset fantastic sunsets.

Ship saw another sunset fantastic sunsets.

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