Nova parceria entre o TurMundial e a TransferWise

New partnership between TurMundial and TransferWise

October 24, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The TurMundial has a new partnership, a company TransferWise.

TransferWise: the best solution for sending money abroad

A lot of people here already know TransferWise, but for those not familiar is a kind of Uber of international transfers, one of the few companies that now makes life easier for those who want to transfer money from Brazil abroad or from abroad to Brazil.

To give you idea, before making this partnership, already we use often TransferWise since last year. And before using for the first time, We made some transfer test, transfer exactly one thousand reais to our account in Europe to see how much we would receive in euros. After that we did the same simulation above transfer, Banco do Brazil, Itaú, VTM (Visa Travel Money), Western Union to see how much would the same amount of euros by banks also. exchange houses or seek more, because the rates and the exchange rate is always higher. A TransferWise charges a total rate of only 2,5%, very low compared to other places mentioned.

That is, to transfer the real thousand TransferWise only charged R $ 25,00 rates and gave me a quote 1 euro = 3,53 real (more or less 0,08 cents more than the price on the day of UOL), VERY lower value than the price of banks for direct transfer. Of course, we also need to rely on the variation of the dollar and euro in days, yet they are still cheaper when sending money abroad. And it's fast, 2 working days.

O Transferwise, is 100% legalized so that companies like Microsoft invested millions of dollars in start-up and you pay nothing extra, because instead of them send money directly to the recipient (no case, yourself, but on the other side of the world), it just redirects the same value to an account that they have in the destination country. Then you get money from this account. Logo, your money is in TransferWise Brazilian and you get a transfer exactly the same value for your overseas account, from the international account TransferWise.

At the end, the money you transferred does not cross borders. You only get it from TransferWise from another country, with the exact price the moment you transferred. O Transferwise, It has a partnership with MS Bank and the IOF rate is already included in the rates you pay for using the service, having no extra charges. We've also made several transfers by him, ensuring that it is a reliable company when sending money abroad.

This here, of course, It works especially for those who have account in another country, but it can also work for someone who is going to travel and have friends in the destination country - you transfer money by TransferWise and asks him to draw for you. You can see how much would be the exact price of sending money abroad here, already at the site TransferWise - and they also talk about how much you're saving by using their system. Super recommend, trustworthy. low and fast rates.

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