O Coronavírus pode atrapalhar sua viagem pela Europa?

The coronavirus can disrupt your trip through Europe?

March 3, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

O coronavirus He became a major global health problem and can disrupt his trip to Europe, since the virus out of China and arrived in Europe, as a primary focus of infection in northern Italy.

Why coronavirus can disrupt your trip?

travel cancellations

The epidemic is causing many airlines to cancel flights, for two reasons, first the spread of the virus and the most problematic for companies is the lack of users, many flights here in Europe destined especially to Milan, Venice and all the north of Italy are being canceled for not having enough passengers to take off and, thus accumulate on other flights.

Closing attractions

In some cities the tourist attractions have been closed and can be closed because of the epidemic, it has happened to the Duomo of Milan (Cathedral) and even the Louvre museum in Paris, two cases that they were closed for a short time and now are already open.

Quarantined in hotels and cities

A problem that few people talk about is having to stay “taken” in a kind of quarantine, It has some cities in northern Italy that people can not even get out, or enter the city, Spain has a hotel in the Canary Islands with closed guests in rooms without being able to get out of them or hotel, also it happened to two cruises in Asia that were with all the tourists on board without being able to leave their cabins for more than 14 days, for us this is our biggest fear.

Cancellations of flights and hotels

This is another item to cancel a trip, your flight and your hotel, You can generate a loss to your pocket, if the cancellation is requested by the tourist, some hotels and airlines may not want to return the money, return is only 100% guaranteed if notified by WHO that is not recommended to go to the country or city.


Fear of people is another big problem, there is the fear of going to restaurants or Asian establishments as owners or employees of these places may have gone recently to some Asian country or have had contact with some Asian, unfortunately this has happened very, seen it happen enough here in Barcelona, many Asian establishments were always full, They are now much more empty, but they are slowly returning to normal movement.

People are so afraid that here in Barcelona (and we have heard of many other places) there are no more masks in pharmacies or alcohol gel to buy, We had to doctor here who stole 13 a hospital masks boxes saying it would give to his city's population. This is quite worrying, it is lacking for people who really need, so they are trying to educate people not to do it, because these masks are only good for those who already have the virus and not move on to another person, does not save you from getting the same.

What disturbs some, You can turn opportunity for others

With many travel cancellations, flights, hotels, the other end of the scale is that companies can cheapen for lack of tourists, we have seen some hotels in Italy with lower prices, and large chains, as Melia, which before were many reservations without possibility of cancellation, now are already touting your reservation can be canceled without cost prior to travel.

Our opinion

First of all we want to say that this is our opinion, we are not in the health field, but from what we hear from many well guideposts experts, coronavirus is another flu, I was not cataloged, is a flu like any other that kills people every year in all countries, but it is not as publicized and commented, but if you get to know, You see that it is true, coronavirus the mortality rate is between say that 2 a 4% two infected, It is very low.

But if you are traveling in Europe with older people, children or people who already have some type of health weakness, we believe that there really should not risk it and wait a bit.

Guidelines for prevention of coronavirus

Guidelines for prevention of coronavirus being widely known here in Europe: Wash hands with soap and water, have a healthy diet with lots of different vegetables and fruits, and vitamins A, C, D, E, B complex, mineral zinc, selenium. In fruits orange and red have enough of these vitamins.

The masks in pharmacies that sell to let people who really need, or if you have any suspicion of the virus and not go to other people.

Alcohol gel for hands also say they can help, everything is related to hygiene can help prevent.

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