O que fazer em Albena, na Bulgária

Attractions Albena, Bulgaria

November 24, 2019 21 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Attractions Albena Bulgaria? The city is on the north coast of Bulgaria, almost on the border with Romania.

Albena It is a large condominium homes and buildings, into the city and go on the beach you have to go through an ordinance and pay to park, for those of us, only we went to visit the beach, there has three parking lots, one well away from the beach you have to go a little train or bus, this cost parking 5 euros, the other two parking lots are closer to the beach and can go to the sea walking, the figure is 10 euros, we parked the car in that.

Albena, Bulgaria

This trip by Bulgaria we rented a car with RentCars in Sofia, where we arrived by plane, besides knowing Sofia, the capital, we went to Plovdiv, Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Golden Sands e Veliko Tarnovo. Golden Sands was the city we stayed at the night before, the next day we left there toward Vama Veche and stopped to see the city and the beach of Albena.

Albena we all morning, where we take the town beach,

Attractions Albena, Bulgaria?

as discussed, Albena It is a city / beach condo, so basically there is a place to enjoy the immense beach and your condo where we saw some attractive in the condominium, as tennis courts, playground, but we do not know if you have to pay anything to use.

Albena beach

The beach of Albena, It is quite extensive, linda, with white sand, and a sea of ​​fine blue, It is not as clear and crisp as other beaches in Europe, as Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Cyprus which has beautiful beaches as the Caribbean, but it is quite beautiful too.

The beach has a huge infrastructure, It has hundreds of sunbeds, bares, restaurants, bathrooms. We have never seen so many sun loungers and umbrellas together. We prefer more secluded beaches, without such infrastructure, but it's cool too, especially for those who will with child.

Albena Beach tourist attraction is the part of water sports like, kayaks, boats, paddleboats

Another tourist attraction of Albena beach is a part of water sports like, kayaks, boats, paddleboats.

The coastline of Bulgaria is very extensive and beautiful, out the value that it is very cheap, resorts have super full and legal for 20 euros per day for the couple, take a look here so you have to do all the coast. Albena and Nessebar are walkable cities, already Sunny Beach and Golden Sands are considered the parties beaches, the Beach Clubs to compare Sunny Beach with the Ibiza Black Sea.

Albena northern coast BUGARIA

This month we'll talk about all these cities we know in Bulgaria, if you want to know more, continue to follow our blog.

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