O que fazer em Bran na Romênia, a cidade do famoso Castelo do Drácula

Bran Attractions in Romania, the city's famous Dracula's Castle

October 3, 2019 16 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Attractions Bran? One of the first places we think of visiting when we begin to mount our screenplay by Romania foi o famoso Bran Castle, mais conhecido como o Dracula's Castle, which is in the city of Bran, na Transylvania, onde o escritor Bram Stoker se inspirou no morador mais famoso de lá, O príncipe Vlad Tepes who lived there in the fifteenth century, he became known as “or Impaler”, and Bram Stoker wrote the novel “dracula”.

Bran Attractions in Romania

Vlad Tepes is known as a hero in Romania, even killing their enemies that not so conventional way, he helped protect the country at the time of the Turkish invasion. There are several tributes to him across the country.

Vlad the Impaler

Today the castle houses a museum open to the public, displays pieces of art and furniture collected by Queen Mary.

You can choose to take a guided or free visit, we prefer to make a free visit and you get to know the place well, the castle of the fund has a good Romanian traditional rural structures.

Bran Castle and Dracula

The castle has nothing scary, even the story saying Vlad the Impaler It was enclosed by more than 10 days in the dungeon, essa parte não é aberta ao público, the part that gives a bit of distress is a secret passage, a very tight stairs down to the library, but it is to be tightened even.

Bran Castle is nothing scary

The castle is very interesting, his garden outside is beautiful and super well maintained, with a lake, a restaurant that seems to be very good and as we were on a sunny day, It was even more beautiful.

We made the visit during a 2h total, we were very relaxed, we were in the morning, we arrived around 9:30h, a good time because there was so much row, when we left the queue was already much higher.

Dracula's Castle Romania Bran Castle Romania Castle Dracula Transylvania Inside the Bran Castle

We went there by car, from the city of Brasov (where we sleep the day before) It takes around 40 minutes, We parked the car right near the castle, they do not have parking inside, but you can park on the street and they charge 8 law per hour, I turn to 2 euros.

The value to enter the castle is 40 lei, I turn to 8,5 euros for adults and children 10 lei, I turn to 2 euros, for you(as) above 65 years 30 law or 6,5 euros and students 25 law or 5,50 euros, the opening hours are the peak season (01 from April to 30 of September) the 9 am to 18h from Tuesday to Sunday and Monday from 12 am to 18 pm and in low season (01 de outubro a 31 March) the 9 am to 16h from Tuesday to Sunday and Monday from 12h to 16h.

Bran Castle Transylvania

We enjoyed our visit to Dracula's castle and we recommend it highly for everyone and now you know what to do in Bran, A small city, with a little more 5 thousand inhabitants, where the main attraction is the Dracula's castle same. Around the castle there are some stalls with food, drinks, snack bars, but all in function of the castle.

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