O que fazer em Brasov, na Romênia

Things to Do in Brasov, in Romania

October 9, 2019 2 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Things to Do in Brasov? A super charming city in Transylvania, in Romania, you can base to discover the wonderful landscapes of the most beautiful region of the country.

We did the Brasov our base for exploring the towns of Rasnov, Bran is where the famous “Dracula's Castle”, but the real name is Bran Castle and of course we also know the very city of Brasov, It is the largest in the region ciade, it has a large selection of hotels and restaurants.

chose the Casa Tepes, confortable, It is close to all the tourist town of Brasov, and even has parking included, something which for us was very good, because this trip we made by Romania, also we went to Bulgaria and rented a car for RentCars to be able to go through the 2 countries with more freedom, we recommend. In addition we had everything we needed, the hotel was clean, the room was very good, com WI-Fi, good bed and shower to rest, amenities to frigobar.

Casa Tepes

Brasov, It was founded in 1211, By Order of the Teutonic Knights, a group of riders as important as the Crusades. Who ordered the construction of the city was the Hungarian king, and that after built expelled the knights and captured the fortified city that has it remains today as the gateway, walls and towers.

Brasov, It was divided in their past among Hungarian people, German and Romanian. The city flourished due to its strategic position on the route between traders Germans and the Ottoman Empire that once invaded the region and conquered for a while. They expanded the city's fortifications, with medieval towers for input and output. The Romanian people, for example, They could only get in and out in a single gate: the Poarta Schei which still exists today.

as I commented, we were traveling by car, and on that day we left early the town of Mamaia, on the coast of Romania and visited before reaching Brasov, Sinaia, the city of castles, where is the most beautiful castle in Romania, the Peles Castle (Peles Castle), then we went to visit the fortress of rasnov in the city of the same name and, By the end we got the afternoon with time to visit Brasov, the next day we know Bran Castle, in the city of Bran, made famous by serving as inspiration for Bram Stoker to write the novel of Dracula, after that many call him Dracula's Castle.

In total we 2 days to visit all these cities.

Things to Do in Brasov, and what city sights?

We talk Brasov use base to visit various cities, but there also has many tourist attractions to meet.

Fortaleza Brasov Fortress on watch

Our first stop was to know the strength of the city that was next to our hotel, high on a mountain overlooking the city, the fortress was part of the extended last defense of the city, she was out of the wall and was the first defense of the city during the Ottoman invasions

Fortaleza Brasov Fortress on watch

Central plaza (Square)

A central Praça Chamade Hall Square, where are several restaurants, some trades and the starting point for other attractions, there in the square has the best views of the city sign, with your name (estilo Hollywood rs) that is on top of the mountain, luckily we arrived on a day that was having celebrations and had a free concert in the square, where we had dinner later in the day after we visited the city, talking about food, We loved the food in Romania, The dishes are delicious, what really caught our attention were the dishes with polenta, a delight, off the price of food is very cheap, on average half of what is spent elsewhere in more traditional Europe.

Central plaza (Square)

The Black Church (The Black Church)

The Black Church is a cathedral Brasov, It has Gothic style, built by the Germans in the seventeenth century, It is the largest of its architectural style in Romania.

A Igreja Negra (The Black Church) A Igreja Negra (The Black Church)

The narrowest street in Europe

In the city of Brasov is the narrowest street in Europe, a medieval street which nowadays has a mural to paint, anyone can make a drawing, shame that we did not have a pen to draw a picture. If you want to know the street, her name is Strada Sforii, It is very close to the Synagogue.

The narrowest street in Europe

Sinagoga Beth Israel (Beth Israel Synagogue)

We had not scheduled to meet the Synagogue, but passing on the street Strada Sforii, we saw this gem and came.

Sinagoga Beth Israel (Beth Israel Synagogue)

Historical Center

The historic city center, was where the city was born and where are almost all city attractions, even view the sign and Brasov Fortress.

Walls and defense towers

As we said the city had in their past a wall, towers and fortresses to defend, today still has two towers to visit, a White Tower and the Black Tower, the latter is the most beautiful and has a beautiful view of the main square and the square can also sees it.

Black Tower

Schei gate (Schei gate)

One of the ancient gateways to the city, which today is well preserved, built in the early nineteenth century expansion of the walled city, It has classic style, It is in a square, near the black church at the end of the historic center.

Portão Schei (Schei gate)

Marquee Brasov, not Hollywood

As in rasnov, Brasov has a sign in the Hollywood sign in the style highest mountaintop city, there also has a beautiful view of the city, plus we did not have time to go, always lack a bit of time on trips.

Marquee Brasov, not Hollywood

All this met in an afternoon, of course it would be better stay an entire day just in the city, but as the country has a lot to learn, this was the time that we allocated for this city.

The night after visiting its sights, we have a beer and dinner in a restaurant that is in the square Piata Sfatului, where I was going on a show. The restaurant we chose was the cauldron, excellent restaurant with typical food of the country, very good and cheap, as well as across the country, a hint, be sure to dinner too late because the city closes almost every restaurant before 23hs, and after this time the center is a desert.

Praça Square

Tourist attractions in the vicinity of Brasov

Brasov close to other 3 unmissable cities of Transylvania, the city of Rasnov with its beautiful fortress high above the city and an amusement park with dinosaur theme, another city that has to go from Brasov is Sinaia, known as the city of the castles, not expecting much and we were surprised, the city is extremely charming, with gardens and three wonderful castles, Finally the city of Bran , which is super small and only has an attraction, but it is the most famous tourist attraction in Romania, O “Dracula's Castle” but the real name is Bran Castle, where he lived the Prince Vlad Tepes, known as “or Impaler,” a very revered person in the country and this prince was an inspiration to the writer Bram Stoker to write the novel of Dracula.

Bran Castle

Tips on where to stay and stay in Brasov, Romania

Brasov is relatively large, with a historic center where it has many tourist attractions, as described, we advise staying in town, for all the reasons we talked about above.

as we speak, we almost there 2 days and we were staying at Casa Tepes, where we recommend, but there are other options also recommended by the Booking:

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Hotel Drachenhaus, 3 stars, with a score of 8,8
Hotel Aro Palace, 5 stars, with a score of 8,6
Residence Square, pousada, with a score of 8,7
Residence Hirscher, 3 stars, with a score of 9,1

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