O que fazer em Golden Sands, na Bulgária

Things to Do in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

November 26, 2019 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Things to Do in Golden Sands in Bulgaria? Golden Sands It is an important seaside town on the north coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria, next to the national park of the same name in the municipality of Varna. The city is famous for its Beach Clubs.

Just as Sunny Beach, Golden Sands attracts your visitors to have a wonderful beach, with many resorts and many Beach Clubs, that are sought after by all young people in Europe and Asia, many Russians go there to spend the summer.

Golden Sands

We went to Golden Sands in a trip we made by car from the capital of Bulgaria the city Sofia, passing through other cities of the coast of the country as Nessebar, Sunny Beach e Albena.

Golden Sands were nearly two days, we arrived mid-morning and we left the next day to visit other beach cities like Albena e Vama Veche already off the coast of Romania.

we stayed at Hotel “Erma” which overlooks the ocean, it is not a hotel with standing on the sand but is facing the sea, us 50 meters from the beach of Golden Sands, the hotel is very good, we chose it for the great location, to have a nice comfortable room with everything we needed and parking included for car rent with rentcars, Furthermore the hotel has an excellent breakfast included, with many varieties, something not very common here in Europe and also has a large swimming pool, all at a great price, we pay 28 Euro per day, we like a lot and recommend.

Hotel "Erma", Golden Sands

On the first day, as soon as we leave the bags at the hotel and went to the beach enjoy the day, in the middle of the day we had lunch at Marinero restaurant and at night we dined at another restaurant we do not remember the name, restaurants in Bulgaria are very good and cheap, a couple eat well there for only 15 euros, half the amount paid in more traditional countries of Europe, out hotels that are also very cheap.

Golden Sands as we speak, is a city with much Beach Clubs, as well as Sunny Beach, they vie for Ibiza post Black Sea, We enjoyed the two cities is hard to say which is the most Ibiza entre elas rsrs.

Things to Do in Golden Sands in Bulgaria and what are its main attractions ?

Beach Golden Sands

The city has many tourist attractions, there what stands out most is the Beach Golden Sands, extensive and beautiful, clean and with enough infrastructure to go with friends, family or a couple as we were.

Beach Golden Sands

Megapark Dolphin – Beach club

O Dolphin is the Megapark Beach club most famous city, from what we saw has amazing parties, take a look at their website, we did not catch these parties because we were already at the end of summer and the holidays had already finished, It was only open the bar with the pool and had a dj, but nothing like the images appeared on the screen advertizing place, where I had foam party in the pool, strong ballad etc.… stayed the night there in good having a beer.

Megapark is the Dolphin Beach Club

The Beach Club is located on the beach front.

On the beach has several companies water sports, where you can rent various equipment.

These are our tips the Things to Do in Golden Sands in Bulgaria, We hope you enjoyed.


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