O que fazer em Graus, Aragón, na Espanha

Attractions Degrees, Aragon, in Spain

February 9, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Attractions Degrees, I Aragon, in Spain? The capital of the region of La Ribagorza is the main and largest city of the region where there are many medieval towns, Roman bridges, castles and ski resort of Cerler, Our main focus of this trip.

As always we travel to ski resorts, We skied only one day because of fatigue and the amount you spend for skiing, Take the other days to know cities on the road leading to the station and on this trip we chose to stop beyond Degrees, Santaliestra and San Quílez, Besians, Perarrúa and Castejon de Sos.


we 3 days in this region for cities, and we made of base the city of Castejón de Sos, where we stayed hotel Pyrenees .

Degrees were the last day to visit the three main attractions of Degrees, that are: Ponte de Abajo, Plaza Mayor and the Basilica Virgen de la Peña, the postcard of the city.

A Basilica Virgen de la Peña, is one of the most symbolic of the population of Graus, that Ribagorza. This beautiful set is housed in a hillside rock El Morral. On its construction at this site very steep, legend has it that, in the year of 1083, reflections emerged quite clear, indicating a hole in the rock on which the image of a virgin appeared to which they called La Virgen de la Peña.

Basilica Virgen de la Peña

After this apparition in that place, It decided to build a Romanesque style chapel dedicated to the Virgin, a sacred place, due to its location and architecture, help to further highlight the beauty of the ancient population of Degrees. Years later, as an attachment to the old church, It was built a small chapel dedicated to San Juan Lateran, a cloister and another room that served as a hostel and hospital, elements that were given to the Basilica Virgen de la Peña one late Gothic style, decorated inside with Renaissance details.

Basilica Virgen de la Peña

To be high on the mountain encrusted in rock and facing the town and the river that runs through the city, the views that you have from the Basilica are spectacular.

Besides visiting the Basilica, a Greater square Degrees It is the city center which has a demonstration of Spanish squares, a square surrounded by old buildings, where there are the city's party, there took the opportunity to eat a typical food of the region asparagus cannelloni with cheese and a peak grain soup with sausage in the restaurant Cafetería Casa del Barón, We paid a great price.

Greater square Degrees

Finally Temos Ponte de Abajo, an example of medieval architecture bridge arched stone, like very much to know that kind of place.

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