O que fazer em Ivalo, na Lapônia Finlandesa?

Attractions Ivalo, Finnish Lapland?

February 22, 2019 4 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Attractions Ivalo in Finnish Lapland? This town charm is just north of Finland within the Arctic Circle, which has one of the airports in continental Europe further north. And it has only 3.500 population.

One of the big reasons we go Ivalo, It was for us to see the Aurora Borealis, besides being an ideal place to see the northern lights or Northern Lights, the city has many other attractions: as snowmobile ride or snowmobile, fish on frozen lake or Ice Fishing, floor of dogsledding or reindeer, tracks in the snow and more.


We were there in winter, because this season is the high season of them, in the summer the city is quite different, We choose to go in February as this month for more time with sunlight than in other winter months, when compared to November, December and January, in December and January has the polar night during a 30 days, which is when the sun does not rise, very different right? And the opposite happens in the summer, that is when the sun does not set and has the midnight sun for a night 3 a 4 also weeks.

The best way to get in is by plane Ivalo, from the capital Finland, Helsinki, which is more than 1000km away from Ivalo, we took a flight out of Barcelona arrived in Helsinki, we one day to know the city and the next morning went to Ivalo, a flight of 1 hour and a half.

TurMundial in Lapland

Arriving at the airport Ivalo already we begin to see wonderful landscapes, in fact even before landing, the country is full covered by snow, like an immense Ski, Another thing that can happen is if you take the night flight and have the Aurora Borealis, you may already be received by her from the plane in the sky, we met a French couple who have seen this wonder of the plane window of nature.

Ivalo airport

The plane descends at the airport with a runway covered with snow, the airport is very small and has not finger, We went down the ladder have direct aircraft in the snow, a vision show, very different for us. From there we took the transfer we booked to the hotel with the Ilmari Slant

snowmobiling in Lapland

We were staying at a great hotel, O Näverniemi Holiday Center which is across the river Ivalo, with cabins and cottages for couples or larger families, they have cottages for up to 8 people, the hotel has space to do the traditional Finnish barbecue, sauna we discovered that the Finns love to sauna, It must be because of the cold, almost every hotel has a sauna, they have a restaurant with a delicious homemade food, typical Finnish, with an incredible menu 3 plates, but if you do not want to eat at the restaurant, chalets comes already equipped with kitchen, besides all this, the most important is that the site is at a point where you can see the Aurora Boreal your room balcony when she is strong.

Näverniemi Holiday Center

In the center of Ivalo which is less than 2km from the hotel, you can go quietly walking, even in winter, if you want to buy food and drink can go to the market or S K SuperMarket Market, they sell all kinds of food, but if you want to buy any alcoholic drink up 5,5% alcohol, like wine, distillates, beers with higher alcohol content, among other types of drinks, have to go to buy Alko Ivalo (house specializing in alcoholic beverages), but it is also in the city center.

Attractions Ivalo, Finnish Lapland and what are its tourist attractions?

The main tourist attraction of Ivalo is without a doubt see the Aurora Borealis, we saw it too weak, almost imperceptible, it is not as easy to see as many think, the sky has to be clean, thing in the north is not always so with a strong concentration of particles from the sun, we were 3 there are days we were chasing the Northern Lights every night until dawn and saw only through the eyes of the camera, and one of the days we were with a group of French try to see the Aurora near the hotel. After that trip I think the ideal is to stay a whole week to see the Aurora Borealis hard.

Traces Aurora Borealis

Attractions Ivalo, Finnish Lapland and what are its tourist attractions?

But not only that Ivalo, of 3 days we stayed there 2 We did tours with the company Ivalo Safaris, the first day we did the snowmobile ride, the river and the lake Inari Ivalo, We love doing this tour, are 5 Tour hours driving the snowmobile on the frozen lake and river and with lunch in a hut in the middle of Arctic Circle, this experience was worth a post just for her, if you want to know more, look here

snowmobiling in Finland

The other tour we did was the Ice Fishing, which is fishing on the frozen lake of Inari, the third largest lake in Finland, that fishery that is necessary to make a hole in the frozen lake ice, to Pri who does not like fish, I loved the tour which was also included lunch at the cabin, what also earned another post.

Ice Fishing Finland

The Ivalo Safaris do many other tours, as the sleigh pulled by reindeer or dogs, Apart from trips to see the Aurora Borealis.

Northern Lights

The other day off we had stayed at the hotel walking, down the river with sledge, playing in the snow making angel lol, let the accumulated snow on the tree fall on us, play up to hot water and the water turns into ice because of the cold, a children seemed crazy lol, was fun, we love everything.

House Hotel in tree in Ivalo Hut with bonfire and lunch at Frozen Lake Inari in Lapland Finland Enjoying the snow in Finland Priscilla Gutierrez turn ice making water hot in a second BBQ in the snow Hunting the Aurora Borealis

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