O que fazer em Lárnaca, no Chipre

Things to Do in Larnaca, no Cyprus

September 29, 2019 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Things to Do in Larnaca? The city is one of the largest and most important Cyprus, It is the main airport in the country, where comes the majority of flights across Europe.

Cyprus is a country that is located in the Mediterranean Sea east, is an island with many beautiful beaches largely Russian and Israeli and Europeans in general.

We were there on vacation during the summer and, We found that the passages there leaving Barcelona were pretty cheap so we were spending 10 days there, Furthermore the country is quite cheap compared to hotels, restaurants and tours.

Larnaca, no Cyprus

Larnaca It was the city we arrived because it is where is the best airport to arrive from Barcelona and, how we arrived early in the morning we decided to sleep one night there, at the airport we took the car we rented through the site Rentcars.com with Green Motion company, this company does not recommend it highly for, they do everything so that you rent the car with full insurance, We've rented car at more than 20 countries but only in Cyprus and Italy (Sardinia was with another company that rented the car, chamada Rent, they were even worse) we were almost forced to hire full insurance, because the staff of the lessor put much fear in people, and as in all other countries of Europe that nothing happened, Better not take a chance and stay quiet, but it's alright, only gets this tip to the next that is there.

Larnaca stayed at San Remo Hotel, a good hotel with fair price, Does the hotel have a swimming pool, You can stop the car in front of the hotel, the street is quiet, breakfast was included in the rate, in addition to having air conditioning, mandatory item in Cyprus over the summer 30 degrees, and in some places charge the value of the use of air conditioning part, we find funny, but it was real.

Larnaca stayed at San Remo Hotel

We stayed in Larnaca only for a day, the next day we went to Ayia Napa, one of the most beautiful places of the island.

Things to Do in Larnaca and what are its tourist attractions?

Even being only a day in Larnaca had time to know the main attractions of the city.

O Larnaca Salt Lake It is an attraction for the beauty of the lake and also there have many flamingos, but unluckily they were not there that day, but still worth going through there.

Larnaca Salt Lake

Although the lake has Mesquita Hala Sultan Tekke It is a very important Muslim shrine. Umm Haram was a nurse of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and wife of Ubada bin al-Samit. Second some research the sanctuary is in the nurse's death site. The sanctuary later, He turned the mosque and the whole complex is named.

Mesquita Hala Sultan Tekke Mesquita Hala Sultan Tekke

In the times in which the Ottomans ruled the region, the mosque complex was built in stages around the grave, especially in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. The structure of the temple was raised first by Hassan in Sheikh 1760.

Hala Sultan Tekke consists of a mosque, mausoleum, minaret and cemetery. The visit is free and being the lake shore makes it even more beautiful, We stayed there for 1 hour, long enough to know the mosque.

Church of San Lazaro, the most beautiful city, every stone, in the city center, there are the remains of Lazarus of Bethany which according to the New Testament was resurrected Jesus, to have this history the church is much visited by tourists, good get there early, because later it is full of tourists, as we were leaving, We got a huge group.

Church of San Lazaro

The church was built at the beginning of the year 900. By a Byzantine emperor took the former remains of St. Lazarus of Bethany to Constantinople, for this reason, he wanted “reward” Cyprus, starting the construction of the new church in celebration of the Holy, the remains are next to the altar and can be seen. A legend around the St. Lazarus of Bethany Church, He says it was the Virgin Mary who has woven and hand delivered to the Episcopal canopy Lazarus. This tradition has served historically to argue the independence of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, currently being autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece.

remains of Lazarus of Bethany

We did this tour for more 2 hours, and as we were in summer, it was time to go to the beach toward Ayia Napa, so we know and stay there in Beach Ayia Thekla (Ayia Thekla Beach) beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters, We stayed that way during the late morning and early afternoon.

Beach Ayia Thekla (Ayia Thekla Beach)

In the late afternoon we went to the Dome beaches (The Dome Beach) e Beach Makronissos (Makronissos Beach) one of the most famous beaches in Cyprus, the two are on a small peninsula.

Dome beaches (The Dome Beach) Beach Makronissos (Makronissos Beach)


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