O que fazer em Lausanne?

Things to Do in Lausanne?

April 19, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Lausanne, It is a city by the lake Léman, in Switzerland, close the Swiss Alps and Geneva, discover with us what to do in Lausanne.

We arrived by train from Lausanne (See our tips for buying train ticket in Switzerland), which is the best means of transport to meet nationwide, were coming from Lucerne we were our second stop in the country, and Lausanne was the third city we visited on this trip, at the train station we left our backpacks in the locker, because
this city just walked around for a few hours, There are two types of locker at stations, a great good for larger bags that cost around 8 euros and another to let smaller backpacks costing 5 euros, even the small fit two medium packs, to give you an idea mine has 30L and 40L Pri, just that this season had not seen who had a small locker and put in big and pay more expensive, only after putting the backpacks and we close we saw that had little, summarizing lost 3 bullshit euros, so we are here telling you.

Just to remember, trains in Switzerland are super modern, the rail network is quite large, the paths are short, ideal for trips there, even more for being an expensive country to rent cars and park.

barco no lago Lemán

Things to Do in Lausanne and what are its main attractions?

We start our tour uptown, the opposite side of the lake, there is some very beautiful lookouts to see the city and the views of lake Geneva, of these viewpoints is within Esplanade Park Montbenon, a beautiful park very close to the train station.

visto do Parque Esplanade de Montbenon

Inside the park also has Palace of justice, a beautiful building with a fountain in front, and speaking of sources, all Swiss sources are drinking water, no need to buy water in the country is just have a bottle in hand and go on filling each source to go.

Palácio da Justiça

Park behind has a kind of open-air mall, but it was closed on a Sunday and even more Easter, this shopping during the winter has a skating rink.

Right next is Palais de Rumine, a beautiful building, more normal. One of the most sought after attractions in the city are high Escadas Market (Stairs Market), a very stylish staircase, all very old wooden covered and connects the part where the palace, to Lausanne Cathedral.

Escadas du Marché (Escaliers du Marché)

Escadas du Marché (Escaliers du Marché)

Lausanne Cathedral, It is the highest point of the city, admission is free, we enter the end of the Mass he was having Easter. The church is very pretty, but the view of the city is wonderful. It was built in the twelfth century in the Gothic style, the organ of the church is one of the most modern in the country.

Catedral de Lausanne

Catedral de Lausanne

Catedral de Lausanne

Château Saint-Maire, It is a small castle next to the cathedral.

Château Saint-Maire

Château Saint-Maire

Château Saint-Maire

O belvedere which has in the cathedral and the castle has a beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, beyond the view of the city itself, We stayed there a while sitting on the bench enjoying the look and taking the opportunity to rest your legs, because these trips we do in Europe prefer to always know the city on foot, it is the best way to see all the beautiful city and we always find beautiful places that for some people go unnoticed.

Christian e Priscila Gutierrez no mirante de Lausanne


After knowing all the uptown, we were finally the most beautiful place of Lausanne which is the boardwalk by the lake Léman, there has several other city attractions that walking the boardwalk you will find.
calçadão a beira do lago Léman

beira do lago Léman

Before arriving at the lakeside bought some beers in the Coop supermarket, a large supermarket chain in Switzerland and a place to buy food and spend less on travel, the beers we sat in Geneva lakeside enjoying the scenery.

as the Olympic park it's the Olympic Museum, the park has several sculptures depicting the different Olympic sports, a good place to visit.
Parque Olímpico

Museu Olímpico

Further along the boardwalk is another park, O Le Park Denantou also very beautiful and well flowered like all Swiss cities.

 Parque Le Denantou

After all that walking around the city of Lausanne and the boardwalk, it was time to go back to the train station, it was now lunch time and had to go Montreux, just before catching the train stopped at a McDonalds to eat, one of the cheapest places to eat in these overpriced cities, and in addition we had to pick up the backpacks in locker, we get a little afraid to forget them there, because we are not used to leave them in locker, but remember, ufa.


I hope you have enjoyed our script and discover what to do in Lausanne, be sure to check out screenplay by Switzerland.

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