O que fazer em Mamaia, na Romênia

Attractions Mamaia, in Romania

October 16, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Attractions Mamaia, in Romania? The region of the resorts in Romania, divided between the beach in the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol, a city with many tourist attractions during the summer Romanian.

Regarded as the most popular summer resort in Romania, Mamaia It is located northeast of downtown Constance, It has almost no full-time residents, It is mostly visited during the summer.

We stayed in Mamaia for almost two days, to take advantage of the last days of summer in Romania, We went in early September, summer in Europe ends on 21 of September, but both on the coast of Romania, and in Bulgaria parties and clubs were already closing, so if you want to enjoy the holidays and beach clubs it is better to go in July and August, We took almost Mamaia “end of fair”.

chose the Hotel Married which is in the middle of the strip of land between the sea and the lake, a great hotel, good, cheap and very well located, Romania hotels are very cheap, and like everyone who stayed. The Hotel is only 100 meters from the beach, he's in the middle of the beach that is very long.

Hotel Marie

Attractions Mamaia and its tourist attractions?

In addition to the long, a Mamaia beach é uma praia bonita para os padrões das praias do mar negro, with fine sand and sea with normal blue tone.

Mamaia beach

What draws much attention right there are the various beach clubs ao longo da praia, of all kinds, to party during the day at night, they receive many visitors from Russia and all countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

beach clubs


Um passeio interessante é ir até Pier Pontoon Mamaia, has the style pier beaches US, tour boats out there and many people go fishing there too.

Pier Pontoon Mamaia

O Cableway which has in the city is a very cool tour to do with kids, we ended up not going for lack of time.


In Mamaia also has the Water Park Magic Mamaia and Luna Park.

We arrived in Mamaia coming from Eforie Nord, another beach town we met on our roadmap for Romania, we arrived late, We leave things in the hotel and went straight to the beach.

We had lunch and dinner in the city center where the ski lift is, there is a place with many restaurants and bars, at lunch we went on a buffet, no Self easy good and cheap food, With sea view. A noite fomos no Fishery Casino, excellent meal, this trip ate very well at all the restaurants we stopped and, with good price.

as discussed, the city was already in the late summer and everything was closing, even if it were still summer heat and being, and choose the data to know the coast of Romania to take advantage of all 100%.


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