O que fazer em Porto Torres na Sardenha?

Things to do in Porto Torres in Sardinia?

August 11, 2021 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In summer it's time to travel to beaches, Islands and why in this post we will comment what to do in Porto Torres, a town in the northwest of the island of Sardinia, place of paradise beaches.

Porto Towers is one of the main ports of entry into island of sardinia, there are many ferry boats arriving from other cities in the Italy, and from other countries, we arrived by ferry from Barcelona the company Grimaldi, the ferries in Europe are mini cruises with a cabin, swimming pool, restaurants, bares, cassino, dance club, gallery and much more.

This trip was the first time we took our motorbike on the ferry., we usually rent a car when we arrive at the destination, but this time it was absurdly expensive, so we decided to go with our motorcycle.

The ferry from Barcelona to Porto Torres takes 12 hours. We leave on a Friday night and arrive there on Saturday morning, on the way we rent a cabin to sleep and rest, since it was night, on the way back we took the cheapest ticket and stayed by the pool all day since the return is during the day.

we 9 days on this trip,, we stayed in two places, in Porto Torres and in La Pelosa (Stintino).

What to do in Porto Torres?

The main attraction of Porto Torres is going to praia de La Pelosa which is some 30 minutes from the city, this beach is wonderful, with white sand, clear water with spectacular views.

Praia de La Pelosa, Sardinia, Italy

On the side of La Pelosa, there are other beautiful beaches like La Pelosetta, tower island, Gabbiano.

praia de La Pelosa

In addition to La Pelosa, has Salinas beaches which has the same beautiful sea, but the beach is made of pebbles, but it's beautiful too. With a salt lake behind the beach, there's even a Brazilian bar where we eat steak, it was very good and the owner speaks portuguese.

Salinas beaches

In the city center there are beautiful beaches, but nothing to compare with these beaches that we commented above, in the center has the Balai beach, Praia de L’acqua Dolce and Praia Lungo.

Balai beach Praia Lungo Praia de L'acqua Dolce

The city is much busier at night and has a lot more to do than in Stintino and La Pelosa, there is full of restaurants, we ate good pizzas, pasta and ice cream, for ice cream you have to go to La Cialda Gelateria, it was the best ice cream we ate on the island, the best pizza was at Restaurante Pizzeria Il Galeone, and the best pasta we ate was at Bar Restaurant Pizzeria Scogliolungo we had a great seafood spaghetti, some bars have live music, we watched the sunset at the Parallelo bar 40 which is on Lacqua Dolce beach, with a really cool band, a good place for the late afternoon, they play until dawn.

Porto Towers

In Porto Torres we stayed at Hotel Balai Sardinia, a good and very simple hotel, nothing more, but very well located, close to the center and the main beaches of Porto Torres.

Now that you know what to do in Porto Torres, just buy the tickets and get to know this beautiful place.

Balai beach, Porto Towers

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