O que fazer em Rasnov, na Romênia

Attractions Rasnov, in Romania

October 24, 2019 18 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Things to do in Rasnov in Romania? Rasnov is a city in Romania with about 15.000 inhabitants and is in the famous region of Transylvania.

rasnov It is very visited because of their cultural interest in the vicinity, since it is located a little more 15 minutes of cities like Sinaia, the city of castles, Bran, the city of Dracula's Castle s Brasov, the largest city in the region. Throughout this month we will write about all these cities we spent during our trip 5 days by Romania.

rasnov It was the capital of the Winter Olympics in 2013, this region of Romania has some ski and winter is very cold, we went in the summer and saw a different city that, but very beautiful. For this reason, we can find an incredible offer of active tourism. Besides that, from a historical point of view, the most notable is its fortress built in 1211 by the Teutonic kings.

The Rasnov attractions in Romania and what are its main attractions


Being very close to the mountains, there are many accessible routes from the own train station, one is climbing the mountain where the fortress and the plate-style Hollywood Rasnov, as we were with the rental car RentCars, we did this walk from the center, we took a walk out of the parking lot that is at the base of the fortress, a very quiet walk each 20 minutes, for those who do not want to walk there is a little train that takes and brings the people 2 distance euros.

Fortaleza Rasnov (Rasnov)

The Rasnov fortress or the ancient city of Rasnov, we arrived from 1211 e 1225, as part of the defense of the city and region, defending to the various invasions that have happened over the years. The Fortress was built so well in a place so well thought out that was only won once, in 1612, resisting several attempts of conquest.

Fortaleza Rasnov

Some researchers have found that the existence of fortifications on the hill of the citadel dating back to prehistoric and Dacian period, and that the current fortress is built on top of these other ruins. Although there is no evidence of this existence, They consider that the medieval citadel was built between 1211 e 1225, when Burzenland was under the rule of the Teutonic Knights. Almost a hundred years later, in 1335, during a Barbarian invasion, the only citadel that have not been conquered the Rasnov and Brasov.


No Ottoman period, in the year of 1421, the fortress was besieged again, but resisted. In 1600, Prince of Wallachia, Miguel, known as Valente, He went to the citadel with his wife and his troops after being defeated in a war nearby. The citadel / fort was conquered only once, as mentioned, during the reign of Prince Gabriel Báthory, in 1612, the cause of the fall was the lack of water because the enemies have found the secret path to a source of the river. In the following years between 1623 e 1642 a well has been excavated with 146 meters deep to solve the problem of lack of water inside the citadel. The fortress has suffered from fires and earthquakes that destroyed a large part of it.

In the years 1848 e 1849, Rasnov was again invaded by enemies and again the people went to the citadel to protect themselves from invasions, It is the last time the fortress was used as a refuge and defense site. After years of neglect the fortress was restored for the first time between 1955 e 1956, and there is even today being the main postcard of the city with the marquee Rasnov


Cavern Rasnov

Going up the road Rasnov, you can find the Pestera Valea Cetatii. It is a cave that was discovered only 70 years it's worth the visit. The ticket price is around 4 euros and the guided visit is mandatory. The guide should speak English or Romanian.

On the other hand, it is common for them to do classical concerts, if you're visiting this area and meet some, we only discovered this cave after having visited the city, then you have read our post already know you have other attractions to visit next to the fortress.

Marquee Rasnov

The sign of Rasnov, with marquee style Hollwood, It is high on the mountain side of the fortress, a trail from the city center, the city next door that did base to know all these cities, Brasov, also has a sign like that of the main post photo. Liked our tips on what to do and see in Rasnov? Share on your social networks.

Attractions Rasnov, in Romania

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