O que fazer em Siauliai na Lituânia

Things to do in Siauliai in Lithuania

August 19, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Siauliai is the 4th largest city in Lithuania, with a little more 100 thousand only, It is in the center of the country, this post will tell what to do in Siauliai and environments in the city.

We were in Lithuania making a car script the three Baltic countries, in the early days we were in Lithuania and that day we went to visit Siauliai, We choose to know the city and staying in it, because besides beautiful she was on the road between the capitals of Lithuania, Vilnius e, gives Latvia, Riga, two cities we wanted to know.

Like this Siauliai It was a strategic stop on the way, we left Vilnius in the morning, before you get there stop in Trakai to see his beautiful castle on an island in a lake in the middle of the country, and then know Kaunas an important city in the country with a beautiful historical center, how these two city are very close to Vilnius, We thought it would be better to sleep in another city halfway between the capital, and then we find Siauliai.

In addition two other places we wanted to know were also very close to Siauliai, one was the hill of crosses and the other already in Latvia, the palace of Rundale.

We arrived late in the afternoon in our hotel the Modern 2-room flat in the city center, an aparthotel type airbnb we rented by Booking, a beautiful apartment, in the city center, with parking in front, super cheap, with everything we needed in a hotel, wifi, tv, bathroom, heating for those who go in winter and also a kitchen to make dinner and so save a little on the trip, despite the food and drink in Lithuania be very cheap, half-price Spain, which is already cheap to compare with other countries Europe, as Norway, Iceland, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, England, Scotland, among others…

What do Siauliai and what are its tourist attractions?

As we were in the city center, we walk through the center between the Rua Vilnius com a Rua Tilsit, where are many bars and restaurant, the corner is the clock that is a symbol of the city.

At the end of the street is Tilzes Cathedral of the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, a very beautiful cathedral all white, the main point of the city even has a giant #Siauliai to take pictures.

Cathedral of the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul

Continuing our tour we went on Sundial Square, which is also next to a park, the square is beautiful has a sundial, in the middle has a very beautiful golden statue, round the clock resembles an amphitheater.

Sundial Square

Lake of the square is the lake Talkša, that is the beach one summer, where they practice many water sports like paddle boats and a water ski park with cables, it should be a sport very practiced by the Lithuanians as we have seen many of them around the country.

lake Talkša

The lake has a beautiful Fox Statue, in the evening many people go to the lake walk, which has a beautiful sunset.

Fox Statue

A Hill of Crosses is a very famous attraction of Lithuania is the only city 15Km, the next day was our first stop on the road towards Riga.

Lithuania Hill of Crosses

But before arriving in Riga we went to visit the wonderful Palace Rundale, one of northern Europe's largest, We reserve one post for him, Really worth knowing.

Palace Rundale

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