O que fazer em Sinaia, na Romênia

Things to Do in Sinaia, in Romania

October 28, 2019 5 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Things to Do in Sinaia, in Romania, the city of castles, where you will visit 3 castles and a beautiful and charming city, What surprised us very, it is in Transylvania, a region of mountains and spectacular scenery in Romania.

We went to Sinaia in a script that did the Bulgaria and Romania, Romania visited cities on the coast, the capital and several Transylvanian cities.

TurMundial in Sinaia

Sinaia It was our first stop in Transylvania, we were there for a whole morning, a good time to know the city and its castles, we could even stay one night in Sinaia, it enjoyed, but we did Brasov, also very beautiful, nossa base para conhecer todas as cidades ao redor e lá nos hospedamos no hotel que super recomendamos Casa Tepes.

We arrived in Sinaia midmorning, coming from the town of Mamaia on the coast, It is a good distance between cities, but the road to it was good, I had some parts in reform, but overall it was very calm.

Sinaia Carol I

As soon as we arrived in town we found a party that was going on, with many cultural attractions, food and more, tudo isso estava acontecendo na Avenida Bulevardul Carol I, the main avenue of the city and beautiful, where even we saw a Romanian typical dance performance.

Romanian folk dancing

Too bad we did not have more time, if we for sure would sleep in Sinaia, and so more would take advantage the city and the street party we love so much, even after living in Europe, which has many street parties.

Things to Do in Sinaia, in Romania and what are its tourist attractions?

Carol I

As we mentioned we are the main avenue of the city, florida all with fountains and which hosts the festival of Sinaia, like the one we were lucky to meet, all trade is in this avenue and in the end it has a lovely park, o Dimitrie Ghica.

Carol I

Castelo de Stirbey

Está numa rua ao lado da Bulevardul Carol I, a small and charming castle converted into a hotel today, It should be a maximum staying at Hotel Castelo de Stirbey.

Castelo de Stirbey

Sinaia Monastery

The monastery has the same name of the city, Sinaia, It is a monastery consisting of two courtyards surrounded by low buildings, with free admission, the center of each courtyard, there is a small church built in Byzantine style. A Igreja Old Church (Old Church) It was constructed in 1695, while the younger, the Great Church (The Great Church) It was constructed in 1846.

Sinaia Monastery

The monks of Sinaia have a library that is a repository of valuable jewels belonging to the family Cantacuzino, as well as the earliest translation of the Bible into Romanian, dated 1668.

In addition there is buried the former Prime Minister of Romania.

Parque Dimitrie Ghica

A parque Dimitrie Ghica, It is a beautiful park full of trees, with a fountain in the middle of it, on the day we visited the city there was the event's main stage. At the end of the park is the Casino Sinaia a very beautiful building, another building that stands out is the Hotel Palace, a treasure, and with incredible views to the park.

Parque Dimitrie Ghica Hotel Palace

Castelo de Pelisor

Already half out of town, on a mountain, are the other two castles, O Castelo de Pelisor, It was constructed from 1899 e 1902, by order of King Carol I of Romania, to serve as a summer residence to his nephew and heir, or Prince Ferdinand of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, and your wife, Princess Maria Edinburgh. The castle is paid into it, but he did not so much draws attention to another castle standing next.

Castelo de Pelisor

Peles Castle

O Peles Castle They say it is the most beautiful country, and it's really wonderful with a very different style of castles that we know in Europe, é um castelo-palácio de estilo Neo-Renascentista. O castelo começou a ser construído no final do seculo XIX, Hair Prince Charles of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, who years later became the king of Romania in 1877, when independence was declared in Romania.

The King of Romania built this castle in Sinaia, because it is a very beautiful area with lots of mountains in Transylvania, rivers and a very different landscape from the rest of the country we know.

Peles Castle

Despite having some internal parts of the castle copied from other castles in Europe, because of the people who built the castle are from different European nationalities, Its exterior is very different and beautiful, with style equal to other Romanian constructions.

Peles Castle


This was our visit in Sinaia, a city that much and enchanted us here you could read about all tips of what to do in Sinaia.



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