O que fazer em Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag), a Ibiza Búlgara

Things to Do in Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag), Ibiza Bulgarian

November 28, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Things to Do in Sunny Beach? A summer resort in Bulgaria located in Slanchev Bryag, Ibiza is known as the Black Sea, a party place, beach and many resorts.

Sunny Beach It is well known by those seeking beach town with parties, the famous Beach Clubs give Europe, she is on the list of the most popular cities, the most famous of all is undoubtedly Ibiza, in Spain, after Saint Tropez, in France, highlight another is Mykonos in Greece, and for some time it is emerging that other cities are also known for its nightlife, and many of them are in Eastern Europe as Hvar, na Croatia, Ayia Napa, no Cyprus e claro Sunny Beach,Bulgaria.

Slanchev Bryag

Despite having visited nearly all of these cities, just missing Hvar, we were not in them to go on Beach Clubs.

But Sunny Beach is not only party, It has many resorts to go with family or as a couple, the beach is one of the most beautiful Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach Beach

The resorts are very famous for Europeans, not only for the wonderful structure they have, but also by the super cheap price, we even pay only 20 euros per day for the couple in one of these resorts, with large room, super comfortable, with balcony, kitchen, air conditioning, bath amenities, beyond the part of large super fun with several pools, sauna, restaurants, bars and very well located.

The Resort we chose was the Cascadas Family Resort, super recommend, look at the photos and see if it is not a nice place to go.

Cascadas Family Resort

On this trip we met Sunny Beach, We were making a script car, we rented with rentcars, by Bulgaria and Romania, We visited over 10 cities and rolled over 1.800Km, lately we have rental car to get to know the places, so you do everything according to your pace and will, we can stop in every city, visit the attractions that we visit, We make our time, and rent car in Europe is very cheap and depending on the season, We can rent a car for more Amazingly as it has happened with us, we rented by 0,74 eurocents, that's right, in Spain in Barcelona already we rented a car in autumn paying the weekend only 0,74 eurocents, cheaper than a pack of gum lol, not the right to believe?

Sunny Beach

Going back to Sunny Beach, We arrived at the hotel later in the day, We were coming to Sofia, the capital, and along the way between the cities, We stop in the morning to meet Plovdiv, a city of the Roman era in the countryside and on the coast already Nessebar, Nessebar It is so beautiful that is compared to Dubrovnik, the city is only 30 minutos de Sunny Beach.

Old Town or & quot; oldtown" Nessebar

Enjoy that Nessebar is close to Sunny Beach and get to know the city and the southern beach of Nessebar, one of the most beautiful coast of Bulgaria.

Beach Nessebar South

As we arrived at night and we were tired, We enjoyed the resort and stayed in it, We had dinner at one of the restaurants and we were enjoying the pool.

The next day we took the beach and strolled the waterfront the night. We stayed in Sunny Beach 2 days, course on a beach like this full of good Resorts, Cheap and lots of party you can stay one week quietly, but we wanted to know various places in Bulgaria.

Centro de Sunny Beach

Another very cheap thing are the restaurants, this trip almost eat every day out, we paid for a few days only 15 euros to eat and drink, which in most European tourist countries, you pay at least double. These Eastern European places have to enjoy while they are still very cheap and little known.

Things to Do in Sunny Beach?

enjoy the Resorts Cheap City, you must be over 100, we can choose by Booking who has the best price for booking hotels and resorts.

Resorts em Sunny Beach

O Cacao Beach Club, It is the most famous ballad of Sunny Beach, many go there just to go on your holidays.

Cacao Beach ClubSource: https://www.cacaobeach.bg/

Another famous Beach Club is the Beach Bar Mania. Very important, most of the ballads of the beach does not pay to enter, only pay when you have some great party with famous DJs.

Beyond the resorts e beach clubs, Beach Sunny Beach is very beautiful with white sand, clean water, with a large infrastructure of bars and restaurants next to the beach.

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