Oásis de Chebika na Tunísia, o paraíso no meio do deserto do Sahara

Chebika oasis in Tunisia, paradise in the middle of the Sahara desert

July 18, 2018 16 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Have you thought to find heaven on earth? Imagine you in the desert with that heat and in the middle of that pile of sand, is the paradise Chebika oasis in Tunisia which is within the Sahara desert that goes from Morocco Egypt, It has over 3 millions of years of existence, and that according to studies 10 in 10 one thousand years back to be a forest for about 200 years.

When we were thinking about going to Tunisia or imagined that the country had beautiful tourist attractions such as the Oasis of Chebika, us until we had already bought the tickets and booked hotels in Tunes e Yasmine Hammamet, when planning the trip we discovered that Tunisia had other special places, since the first planning we would know only these two cities and the ancient city of Carthage, and we saw that Chebika was near Yasmine Hammamet and would give to one bounces back, but we found that the Chebika I saw no google maps was to Chebika city ​​and not the oasis of Chebika, which is a national park that was much further away a 8 a 9 hour drive. But we can change all the time and in the end we visited over 10 cities and the Sahara desert.

Lucky for us that the hotel we had booked with Booking They could be canceled and rescheduled other dates, with this we 4 days in a wonderful resort in the city of Yasmine Hammamet, then did 2 day tour through the center of Tunisia where it has the Sahara desert and the oasis of Chebika, after more 2 days in Tunis, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.

Oásis de Chebika na Tunísia, o paraíso no meio do deserto do Sahara

The hard was to find a tour company to make this tour, because there is little information on the web on Tunisia, Few Brazilians know the country, perhaps because they think the country is dangerous, but I can say that with us was all very calm and always had the feeling that all was well policed ​​and quiet, beyond the Tunisians always very solicitous and well educated.


We then began to search the internet for a tour company to take us to the Oasis of Chebika, to Amphitheater El Jem, the sets of Star Wars movies and English Patient, to the salt lake and the Sahara desert in Tunisia.

lago de sal e para o deserto do Sahara na Tunísia

Luckily we saw on facebook a Portuguese indicating the service Ghassen guide +216 52 804 841 (Whatsapp) do Trips & Recreation in Tunisia (VLT), talked with him for whatsapp and saw that it was possible but do the tour we wanted in two days and ended the walk in Yasmine Hammamet hotel (O Iberostar Averroes) the Ghassen went there to find us and explain everything in detail about the tours.

Camelos no deserto

Thus we reorganized the dates of lodging and gave everything super right.

A wonder of nature the Oasis Chebika in Tunisia

O Chebika oasis in Tunisia, It is one of those images that were in our head, so beautiful and impressive it is, It was the second day of the tour at the center of Tunisia and the Sahara desert, at day we left Yasmine Hammamet early towards El Jem Roman amphitheater, then we went to Douz, the city that is the Sahara desert door and slept there in Moraudi hotel of Douz, We wake up early, earlier than the first day, a 4 am, We had breakfast at the hotel, and the first stop was to see the sunrise in Chott el Djerid salt lake, then we exchange the big tour bus for a 4×4 and we went to the Oasis Chebika, after there were still visit the Star Wars IV scenarios and English Patient in the desert, We find wild camels and also went through Kairouan the fourth most important city for Muslims.

Uma maravilha da natureza o Oásis de Chebika na Tunísia

The arrival in Oasis It was beautiful you are in the middle of the Sahara desert dunes in 4×4 and far you can already see a very green area, different from the rest of the amide desert landscape.


Before meeting Oasis already passed the walk ancient village of Chebika, already with a local guide, our other guide was in the restaurant, we started with a walk of about 15 minutes, until you reach the waterfall that appears out of nowhere and creates the Oasis, from that point forms a river with other small waterfalls and ponds that you can even bathe there, we do not bathe in because we did not have time unfortunately.

Oásis já a pé passamos pela antiga vila de Chebika

Those Oasis It is possible for, under the desert's giant freshwater reservoirs, that sprout in places like this, We took thousands of photos as you can see here in the post. The place is really spectacular, We loved to have been able to visit.

deserto do Sahara

Oásis de Chebika

Sahara Deserto Oásis

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