Onde ficar e se hospedar no Algarve?

Where to stay and staying at Algarve?

September 6, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Go to Algarve and do not know where to stay and staying at Algarve? This post is for you.

Algarve is a region covering the South of Portugal, It begins in Monte Gordo which borders Spain and goes to the Atlantic in the town of Sagres, but the most beautiful beaches are in the middle of the Algarve coast.

The main cities in the region are: Lagos, Portimão, Pear frame, Albufeira and Faro, but it has many other small and beautiful cities, all those we have cited just do not know Faro.

onde se hospedar no Algarve

We went in June this year, is a good time to go because, It is not as full as in the peak of summer, in July and August, all auction, It is a super busy area, It has more traffic, but also it is hot during the day and all night, then you go on what you prefer, something quieter or busier. In early June it was not as hot as we like, in the late afternoon it was over a chill, yet we found a good time to meet. The sea there is always cold water, even in the hottest times of the year.

onde ficar no Algarve

This region is wonderful, with stunning beaches, one more beautiful than the other and was difficult to choose where to stay, changed a 3 fold idea hotel, lucky we made our reservations with the booking and we could cancel at no cost, since we were on time.

But still doubt, where to stay and staying at Algarve?

The Algarve region as we speak is great, It has roads without tolls and tolls (They are not so expensive in this region, averaging 0,75 a 2 euros), speaking in tolls, in this region they are all electronic and without cabin, It is like a “Nonstop” only the iron structures, and often we do not realize that we passed them, so it's time to rent a car, rent with a device called via green, that will charge your credit card, if you do not rent this unit, time to go through a toll will have to get in a position to pay.

Pedágio nas estradas do Algarve em Portugal

This will make you lose time, and if you plan to only use roads without toll, also make you lose time because, them will have much more traffic, especially in summer, and they are also longer, so we figured we better use the toll to get from one end to another, and get to know several beaches. We recommend you stay in the middle of the region, as we were, We stayed in a great and cheap hotel in Armacao de Pera, Quinta das Figueirinhas & Farm Village.

Quinta das Figueirinhas & Quintinha Village

Armação de Pêra

Hotel em Armação de Pêra

Piscina do hotel em Armação de Pêra

We took an apartment 1 room, because we were in 2 people, but it was up to 4 people had the apartment 75m2, but if you go with more people still, they also have duplex apartments that can fit up 6 people, in our apartment had kitchen, WI FI, balcony, TV, dining table, air conditioning, fan, bath and even took a room overlooking the sea, the hotel has a swimming pool, bar, parking included, restaurant and it is only 10 minute walk from the beach.


It's like your apartment on the beach, but with hotel service, the staff was super friendly and helpful. And all this for a very cheap price close to the other hotels we saw. We love it and recommend it highly.

Algarve Portugal

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