Onde ficar em Lucerna?

Where to stay in Lucerne?

July 10, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Where to stay in Lucerne? A city of the most charming cities in Switzerland, It is on the shores of Lake of the Four Cantons, which is one of the main tourist attractions, along with Kapellbrücke a wooden bridge over the Reuss River, but we like the city was the view of the towers of the old castle town.

Let's talk a little about how we seek hotels in cities, always try hotels near the subway or bus lines and more plants, and of course they are not expensive, we were concerned with the values ​​of the hotels in Switzerland since, there everything is very expensive, but if you look with a certain advance you get something good and cheap, We took a hotel with all these requirements, and we enjoyed, we stayed at Hotel Fox.

We arrived by train a 10 am in Lucerne and went to the hotel to leave our bags with the certainty that we would have to leave the bags at the hotel guard volumes, but to our surprise they let us check in early and at no additional cost. It was great, so we have to be able to free “hit leg” the city.

Hotel Fox Lucerna

The hotel is clean, central (right next to the train station, us 8 minutes walking) and with a more modern decor to European standards and even won a complimentary bottle of water, it has central heating, something very important, we were in the spring, yet it was still a cold climate, It has TV, bath and Wi Fi works great amenities. We love and recommend.

Onde se hospedar em Lucerna

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o que fazer de Lucerna

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