Onde ficar na Lapônia Finlandesa?

Where to stay in Lapland Finland?

March 6, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Where to stay in Lapland Finland? We went in early February to Finland and we really wanted to know the region of Lapland Finnish, within the Arctic Circle, this region is also known for having the home of Santa Claus, but we went further up yet, as the home of Santa Claus is in the city of Rovaniemi.

Naverniemi Holiday Center

We were about 300km up, We went to the city of Ivalo, a very small town with 3.500 population, but lindinha, where you can do things you never imagined doing, like fish not frozen Lake Inari, the third largest lake in Finland, but as it is frozen, You need to make a hole in it, equal to the design of the woodpecker lol, It is quite different from anything we've seen, you can also make a fire and have lunch inside a hut as the Eskimos do, sledding being pulled by huskies, (this did not, because we are left with little feather of dogs), make tracks in the snow and enjoy the beautiful scenery, know the Ice Hotel Game of Thrones which is a nearby town, ride a skidoo on Lake Inari, or be lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis.

Hotel Ivalo

It was certainly one of the most interesting places I've been, and we wanted a hotel not too conventional, we wanted something else to be able to enter this “vibe” Lapônia, then we chose the hotel Naverniemi Holiday Center and love, the room we chose, It was actually a cottage, I had a small kitchen, with refrigerator, stove, also had a private bathroom, TV, parking for those who want to rent car and logic which can never miss this place, a good heater, our room inside was a delight to warm, Our room also had a very cute small balcony, who even managed to get a few hours on it, even with the cold, logical that we were quite appropriate clothing, it even made -17 degrees, Our room was facing the river Ivalo.

hotel Naverniemi Holiday Center Where to stay in Lapland

The river, It is frozen during the winter and had all this beautiful view, unlike anything we're used. One night we had dinner at the hotel and love, the owner prepares a Menu 3 excellent dishes, entry has a mushroom soup with reindeer meat, second dish a delicious salmon with potatoes and cauliflower and for dessert a wonderful sweet that I could not figure out the name lol, earned super worth staying in this hotel.

When the Aurora Borealis solves appear you can see from the balcony of your room, the owners are extremely kind and dear, the money is great, and is only 2 km from the center of Ivalo, is quiet and go walking to the center, even in winter, we super recommend staying there.

Where to stay in Lapland Finland?

You should be in the cities of Ivalo and Rovaniemi, because they have an infrastructure of hotels, tours and in addition to the airport in the cities, there are several other cities in Lapland Finland, but access to them is difficult and winter is the best time to go, the roads are covered with snow, covered with truth, All the cars have special tires for snow, which are a type of preguinhos the tire not to skid on ice and snow, so it's better to stay in a city like this, that if you do not want to rent a car, It will not be necessary.

Where to stay in Lapland Finland?

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