Onde posso fazer Churrasco em Barcelona?

Where I can Barbecue in Barcelona?

March 22, 2017 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Since moving to Barcelona and almost a year ago we were asking the question, Where can Barbecue in Barcelona or near Barcelona? For in our house has no terrace and our friends did not.

With that we were looking for a place, and a tripping bounces back for Sant Sadurni Anoia (see the post about the city), the city that has a lot of Cava factories (sparkling wine from Spain), We found that in one of the cellars Jaume Giro and Giro, It has a beautiful, wonderful space for you to rent and make your barbecue, It is a garden with several grills and tables, the first day we went to that city, hit the eye and love have had the idea of ​​making barbecue.

A month later we went back there with some friends to make delicious barbecue, the owner of the place is really cool, reserve uns 4 days before and we were there in 10 To people use the site is paid 2,50 Euro per person and another Cava per person, Cava or wine buy there, Cava has prices from 6,50 euros and the wine can not remember how much was, but should not be too different from cava. So for you who is Brazilian and is missed a good barbecue, you know where you can make your.

Ah!! And more good news, here in Barcelona has Picanha to buy at Boqueria, by 7,90 No euros per kilogram, cheaper than in Brazil and very good, super worth worth.