Onde se hospedar em Helsinki?

Where to stay in Helsinki?

April 10, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Where to stay in Helsinki? We went to Helsinki in early February, It was a city that surprised us very positively, It's a beautiful city, but it is not a very expensive city, so we thought where we could stay and found a super cute hotel.

Helsinki Cathedral

O hotel Hellsten Helsinki Senate, Kitchen has also not too spend, It is near the center, was a 25 minute walk from the central station, a very quiet walk, for those who do not want to walk, Tram has point (tram) in front of the hotel, and you can reach the center in 8 minutes, the tram goes to the central train station of Helsinki, We arrived this season from the Helsinki airport, as we were with case and shortly, and the value train ticket for the Tram, We went straight to the hotel.

Hellsten Helsinki Senate

When we arrived at the hotel reception super friendly receptionist gave us a up grade and got a very good room, with a sauna inside the room, on the top floor of the building with a very nice view, we had never stayed in a room with sauna inside, and love, and I've (When) or like sauna, but right grace? We even used the very rsrs sauna.

Where to stay in Helsinki?

The room was quite large, full kitchen, a large living room with cable TV, and also great quarter, private bathroom and a mandatory item for these very cold places, heater, obvious, We love, was a cost-effective, super recommend staying at Hellsten Helsinki Senate.

Hellsten Helsinki Senate

as discussed, the city is very expensive, as well as all over the country to stay in the center is usually more expensive, but if you are there, the best place in town is around the Helsinki Cathedral, onde tem hotéis como o Original Sokos Hotel Helsinki it's the Glo Hotel Kluuvi os dois estão dentro do centro da cidade, but they are almost twice the price.

Now if you search for a hostel, um bom é o Eurohostel, very modern, but a little further from the center than commented hotels.

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