Onde se hospedar em Tallinn, capital da Estônia

Where to stay in Tallinn, capital of Estonia

April 29, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Tallinn the most beautiful medieval town east of the northern European, this post will comment where to stay in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, an impressive place and it is not crowded with tourists, it was very worthwhile to know this precious.

TurMundial in Tallinn

Tallinn is a large city by European standards have around 650 thousand inhabitants, all tourist attractions are in the old city center, which is fully walled with over 10 torres, castles, churches, good restaurants, bars and more.

Where to stay and stay in Tallinn, in the capital of Estonia?

It is a medieval walled city, the best place to stay is inside the wall, so you will be close to all attractions, and will not need to ride public transportation, because in the old center it is possible to know the foot.

In our search for hotel there, found the Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel, a very charming hotel, very well located, the hotel has rooms for all types of customers, from standard to the most luxurious, and all sizes, from rooms for one person to larger rooms for families with up to 4 people, with a great price.

Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel em Tallinn

In addition the hotel has a delicious breakfast with typical food Estonia, for once tried almost everything and love.

Reception people are very friendly and helpful, They gave several tips for trips and the city of Tallinn, and also has many brochures, with city maps explaining about the tourist attractions.

Where to stay and stay in Tallinn, in the capital of Estonia?


They have 50 rooms in total, nicely decorated, clean, all with private bathrooms, We stayed in one of the hotel's room coverage, with medieval decoration, with exposed beams and, with all the amenities that everyone likes, wi fi good and fast, cable TV, minibar, bathtub, hair dryer, bath amenities, heating, for there in the winter it is very cold, we took a nice and warm super time to time, average 20 degrees, and even had a coffee maker, We love.

For being an expensive city to eat enjoyed in one of the days we stayed at in Tallinn, for dinner on Hotel restaurant, the restaurant Trofé, with a very interesting decor, cozy, romantic, It looks like a cave, with menus of local foods Estonian and Scandinavian wonderful, You have many options for all tastes, fish, meats, salads, soups, the food was simply fantastic, I (Chris) input ate a mushroom consomme with rabbit meat, Pri ate salmon tartar, main dish I ate a beef with mashed potatoes and mushrooms and a roasted duck Pri, with pumpkin puree and orange sauce and for dessert I ate, one cheese cake with white chocolate and Pri a carrot cake with ice cream, fruits and almonds and to accompany this dinner gods cabernet sauvignon great, it was all fantastic and the best, It has a great price, super recommend.

restaurants Trophies restaurants Trophies restaurants Trophies

So if you are looking for where to stay and stay in Tallinn, already know that Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel It is an excellent option.

where to stay in Tallinn

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