Os países mais felizes do mundo

The happiest country in the world

December 20, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Living in any of these 10 is listed countries have much luck in life. If you know or have plans to one day, who knows, going to live or spend time there, be glad because after thorough study, The Telegraph published, important English newspaper, they were the first places.

The country, with 3,3 millons of citizens, the fight 300 thousand foreign residents and is the number 1 no Legatum Prosperity Index. It has few health problems, security and lots of green area. Almost perfect.

It was the first placed before, but still special. Their quality of life and gender equality call attention. Redheads dominate!

Greater life expectancy, free medical care and enviable social equality. A country where the citizen is highly respected.

The land of ice is another country in northern Europe where life is quiet for its inhabitants. small income tax, doctors and free higher education. Nothing bad.

The land of tennis player Roger Federer also offers goodies that increase the quality of life of his countrymen. reliable institutions, infrastructure and education celebrated around the world.

Respect for individuals of its citizens, the biggest difference from the Dutch state. organized and well-structured country.

It is the object of desire of many Brazilians, especially the respect for differences and choice of multiculturalism.

New Zealand
Proximity to nature, strong institutions and accessible social services. Abound attractions in geography

Another Scandinavian country that offers a life smoothly to its inhabitants. A very organized and peaceful place.

An idyllic place, many Brazilians dream of living there. The population is friendly to foreigners and everything works fine. They say it is a Brazil that worked.

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