Os Tipos e modelos de motorhome

The types and models of motorhome

October 24, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Since we moved to Europe, for more than 3 years, always attracted in travel Motorhome, even here in Europe, that countries are safe to travel that way, and it is very common to see hundreds of them on the roads, this year we begin to understand a little more how the motorhome and decided to write this post explaining about types and models that exist motorhomes.

Traveling with a house on wheels seems a little strange to some, even for those who have camped, but in Spain and across Europe, Traveling With Motorhome is to have greater contact with nature, They are increasingly valued, the last two decades, motorhomes have become a new way of living the holidays.

The motorhome is not just only for foreign tourists or mad.

There are various points to assess before renting a motorhome, It is not just a matter of price and size. But, to begin, let's be clear what it is because sometimes there is confusion. Motorhome is a motor vehicle whose interior is a house. And are not caravans as many call the, camper trailers are those who need to have a car in front to take, it's the motor home It is all in one vehicle.

What types of motorhomes are?

Chagas: They have a bulge at the top of the front, that is used as bedding, the bed a few times down a few centimeters. They are composed of a cabin van, a chassis to which the carcass part is connected.

What types of motorhomes are?


profiling: The structure is similar to wounds, but they do not have that visor above the cabin. They lose this space for a bed, then they usually have space for fewer people. Its advantage is a smaller size, better features and lower consumption.

What types of motorhomes are?


Integrated: They are like motor homes Classics American films, all cabin accommodation and is integrated and mounted on a chassis. They lose some interior space relative to wounds, but they have the advantage that the space is unique, the cabin is not separate from the house. They are more expensive and the different body parts are specific, then the insurance is also more expensive.

What types of motorhomes are?


extensible: They have side modules that extend winning interior width and offer much more amplitude.

What types of motorhomes are?


In our next posts also bring more content on motorhomes or camper (as it is known here in Spain), continue to follow the TurMundial.

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