August 15, 2016 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Oslo the beautiful capital of Norway enchanted us very, one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe.

Oslo the beautiful capital of Norway

A place we had never thought of going, morarmos up in Europe, which greatly facilitates travel to places that are not so famous and commercially are not the major routes in Europe.



What to do in Oslo and what are the main attractions of Oslo

We went there taking advantage of the cheap flights it has on Ryanair in low season period, we 3 nights, He has to take a lot of the city.

what to do in oslo

What are the main attractions in Oslo

Oslo Norway

Before you go there we talked with some friends, who had already gone there and found that one of the best places to stay is close to Karl Johans Gate, it is the place where are the main attractions in Oslo.

main attractions in Oslo

What to do in Oslo and what are the main attractions of Oslo.

We arrived in the late afternoon, evening, and during the autumn / winter, there very early darkens, We went down at an airport that is not the main, and we took a bus to the Oslo Sentralstasjon central station, the station is down the street Karl Johans Gate, It is right near the apartment rented by Airbnb.

Opera Oslo

We arrived at the apartment it was too late, but he has to visit one of the city's main attractions, a Opera Oslo, a beautiful building on the banks of the sea, He did not give to see an opera it is very expensive, the country is one of the most expensive in Europe, the coin there is the Norwegian krone, the most expensive beer I've ever paid in Europe (converting, revolved around 40 euros one pitcher of beer) and McDonalds (13 EUR Big Mac and potato snack with soda).

Opera Oslo

Opera Oslo

Opera Oslo

Opera Oslo

Opera Oslo

1First day we left early to take advantage of the short autumn day Norwegian, We begin the walk to Oslo Cathedral, it is near the center, and has a different style of most of Europe's Cathedrals.

Oslo Cathedral

Oslo Cathedral

Following Rua Karl Johans Gate, passed the Stortinget which is the Norwegian parliament.

Norwegian parliament


Next to the parliament is the National theater (Nationaltheatret), It is a very beautiful building and next to a beautiful squares and also.

National theater (Nationaltheatret)

Over there National Gallery (Norwegian National Gallery) it's the History Museum (Historical Museum).

History Museum (Historical Museum)

History Museum

Historical Museum

Down the street Karl Johans Gate arrived at Royal Palace in Oslo and its gardens, It is a very beautiful palace, has visitation, but has the guardinhas the door, the park can stroll and enjoy the view of the palace and the park itself.

Royal Palace in Oslo

Karl Johans Gate

Karl Johans Gate

Karl Johans Gate

Going straight is the main city park, more beautiful and famous too, O Frogner Park (within this park are also Parque de Vigeland it's the Sculpture Park) the park, besides being beautiful, has the famous sculptures by the norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, They are very interesting and perfect.

Frogner Park

Frogner Park

Norwegian sculptor sculptures

Gustav Vigeland

The biggest attraction of the park is the Monolith (“Monolitten”), which is a single block of granite that stands on a platform 17 meters tall and is carved with 121 and naked human figures intertwined.



Another of the most famous sculptures grounds, It is the angry child (“Sinnataggen”). This sculpture park is the bridge along with other 57 statuary. It became a famous symbol of Oslo, appearing as such in postcards and tourist souvenirs cards.


angry child

sculptures grounds

After the park was getting dark and starting to rain, so we decided to go to a bar, as I said before, where we paid the most expensive beer of our lives.

Norway Oslo

2Th day started the day going again Opera House the Oslo, only this time during the day.

Opera House the Oslo

Opera House

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera

Oslo Opera

From there we went to the coastal city, where we visited the Arms Museum (Norwegian Armed Forces Museum).

Arms Museum

Norwegian Armed Forces Museum

But the most beautiful ride in the city, for us, it was the Akershus Castle and Fortress, this place has many things to see and visit in addition to the wonderful view of Oslo bay.

Akershus Castle and Fortress

Oslo Castle

Fortaleza Akershus

Fortaleza Akershus Oslo

Castelo Akershus

Akershus Castle and Fortress

Also there can be seen the Prédio Nobels Fredssenter, where are honored the Nobel.

Prédio Nobels Fredssenter

honored the Nobel

Leaving there we walk through the streets to the city's Baia margins, heading toward Modern Art Museum of Oslo.

Modern Art Museum of Oslo

Modern Art Museum

Modern Art Museum of Oslo

The Museum is located in a beautiful building in a beautiful area of ​​the city, with many bars, restaurants, modern buildings housing, a new and chic, overlooking the bay of Oslo.


We were in this area for lunch, have a beer and watch the sunset, a great angle.


There you can get a view of the Castle and Akershus Fortress, o Peace Center.

The Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center

For those who are staying more days in Norway, It has other tours to do two of them are: go to Tromso the city that is said to be the capital of Northern Lights, and the walk through fjords is a great arm of the sea between high rocky mountains, They say it's wonderful, but prepare your pocket, these tours can not do this trip, but on the list of our future trips.

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