Painel de controle do Motorhome

Control Panel Motorhome

May 26, 2021 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Control Panel Motorhome, this is the theme of this new post series we are doing about traveling in a Motorhome.

As we have already mentioned in other posts, Motorhome it's a mini house, It is all we have in a normal house, but with some differences, such as the control panel itself, in some very modern, automated houses can already find a control panel also

Where is the Motorhome control panel?

Normally the control panel, It is adjacent to the vehicle gateway, this is because on the panel are the light switches of the motorhome.

What indicators do we have on a Motorhome control panel?

  • Indicator clean water tank
  • Water tank dirty window
  • Power indicator stored in the batteries motorhome
  • Switches to turn on the lights
  • Switches for lighting electronic equipment and water pumps
  • Indicator of sewage deposit and in some motorhomes can be separated and be private with
  • Indicator internal and external temperature, here also has some models that is separate from the general control panel

important tips

The energy of Motorhomes in Europe is 12v and all appliances are tailored for this energy, in some we can find a 12v converter to 220v (voltage used in Europe).

Before leaving to travel make sure the clean water tank is full, the dirty water tank and sewage are empty, and to identify the most important, if the batteries are charged.