Panticosa, Estação de Esquí nos Pirineos de Aragón

Panticosa, Ski season in the Aragón Pyrenees

February 10, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In Europe in all seasons has different and fun programs to make, now we are in winter and it's time to go in the ski stations, a place we love to go, not only because of the season but also because of the snow and landscapes, the snow are even more beautiful.
So with that we were on our second ski season in a month.

This time we chose to go to town Panticosa which has the same name as the ski resort, Panticosa is in the state of Aragon in the mountains of the Pyrenees. Leaving Barcelona ,where we live, are more or less 4 hour drive, It is a town of about 800 population, but in winter it is always with enough people.


We went there to spend a weekend, We rent a car in Barcelona on Friday afternoon, and return on Sunday afternoon at the end, We rent a car 4×4 and snow chains, it was snow forecast on the night of Friday, alugamos com a operadora AutoClick Rent a Car, we had rented for the This time of year is cheap rent car, 45 euros the weekend with full insurance included and plus 5 euros por dia das correntes para neve.

Panticosa Aragon in Spain

The road is very good, It has small pieces of simple hand, and only very close to Panticosa had snow beside the road, because the machine to remove snow from roads work all the time, We passed by about three, but as I said this weekend was not snowing, to our luck.

Ski Station

we arrived in Panticosa already at the very end of the night, close to 10 hours, we ended up eating in the car for fear of not having restaurants open in town, but has some, us 3 or 4 I give to eat there, but we went straight to the hotel Vicente, which is on the mountain top, facing the ski resort, all rooms have views of the ski season, the hotel to have 1 star is very good, with a lovely service, with breakfast included, parking, place to leave ski equipment, super recommend, they just have to improve wif,i only works on reception.

That night we were there at the hotel taking a wine.

night Panticosa

In the next morning after taking breakfast overlooking the snow-capped mountains, We went straight to the ski station, like hotel Vicente, We are right next to the station were walking, para conhecer um pouc da cidade, but there are several car parks in the city, and are all for free.

Ski Station

The city has many things to do, It has a cute little church made of stone, but the charm of the city are the typical houses Ski Station, and its streets covered by snow, You have to walk slowly to the slip, and has a small river that runs through town.

Church of Panticosa

Panticosa Mountain

In front of the ski season, It has a few restaurants and shops with ski materials, and some shops to rent the ski equipment, we rented a snowboard with boots and helmet for 25 euros, it was the cheapest price we found.


To enter the Panticosa Ski station you have to pay, the price depends on what you will do, for those who go skiing all day are 39 euros for the whole day (the 9 ace 16:30h), or 25 euros for half a day (from 13h to 16:30h), is priced for beginners who are 20 euros, and has the ticket for those who will just walk to meet, without skiing, the ski lifts 15 Euro up and down, we took a ski ticket for me and a trip to the Pri who do not ski, there they charge 3 EUR by the card, but in the back you return the card they return you the 3 euros, total yield 50 euros, (also took the safe for me to 4 euros) and in the end we deliver the cards and they returned 6 euros.

Panticosa Ski Resort

We took only half a day, because I still am learning to snowboard and almost 4 hours is already good, more than that already would be very tired.

The station is beautiful, with slopes of all kinds, beginners, blue track, Red and black, in the middle of the station has a bar / restaurant for people who will only visit, It was where the Pri was, while I was snowboarding.

Christian Gutierrez skiing

TEM Ski School, ski park for children a very good infrastructure.

And the view of these places is breathtaking, even more when the weather helps and is Sun, we had this lucky to be a wonderful time.
After several hours skiing on the ski slope for beginner, I went for the first time in a blue track, to vary took several doves, but once you learn.

I went back to the bar where the station was my meeting with Pri and went with her in the station for her to do the esquibunda the snow sport that she does lol, and have fun enough, We stayed there a few more 30 minutes.

Priscilla Gutierrez making esquibundo

The season closes early, 17hs to more or less, is the last time the cable car, if not down lift must come down skiing, but we are still far from this stage.


The night we were the only restaurant, with restaurant expensive, because others were more coffee shops or pizzerias. The Fomos not Ripera, which luckily we got a place because I had to book in advance.

La Ripera has a very good and cheap food, Pri eat a salad with fish and shrimp (14 euros) I ate a menu 3 plates (23 euros, first one dish mushroom cannelloni, second one entrecote and third dessert, a chocolate mousse) and rosé wine 9 euros a bottle, everything went 46 euros, a great price, and the food was pretty good, only mousse that was not so good.

The next day we were not skiing, we went to visit another very nearby town, called Hoz de Jaca, that will count in another post.

narrow streets with snow in Panticosa in Spain

Panticosa was a great place to ski and ride, very cute. For those who always goes elsewhere skiing, You can put Spain as a destination for skiing, here has many options and many wonderful seasons.

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