Parque Nacional das Calanques, as praias mais bonitas da Côte D´Azur

National Park Calanques, the most beautiful beaches of the Côte D'Azur

April 26, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

O National Park Calanques opened in 2012, is a park located between the cities of Marseille the piece, or killed Côte D'Azur (Cote d'Azur or French Riviera) formed by limestone that with the tides have created beaches and cliffs, gorgeous, a mix of terrestrial and marine park, the only of its kind in Europe

No Calanques park are some of the most beautiful beaches in the France Europe is yes, some with difficult access, and can only reach walking through trails that can last 1:30 a.m. and others that can arrive by car.

On this trip we made the Côte D'Azur drive from Barcelona, with stops in the cities of Marseille, Nice e Saint Tropez, did these base cities.

National Park Calanques

The beaches of the Calanques National Park are:
Creek of Callelongue
Calanque of Mounine
Cove Marseilleveyre
Calanque of Podesta
Calanque de Escu
Calanque Sormiou
Calanque of Triperie
Calanque de Morgiou
Calanque de Sugiton
Cove Devenson
Cove Oule
Calanque En Vau (Calanque D Vau)
Creek of Port-Pin
Calanque de Port-Miou

As just one day strolling through the park, We went to visit the most beautiful and famous Calanques, that are: Calanque En Vau, Creek of Port-Pin, Calanque de Port-Miou and calanque Sormiou.

Calanque Sormiou

Like Cove of En Vau It is the most beautiful and has the most difficult access, We started for her.

Getting into Calanque d'En-Vau

Access to D'En-Vau is done by track, and has two exit points of these trails, one that begins in the parking lot Parking Col de la Gardiole which is in Waze maps and Google Maps, and the other option is for parking Parking Calanque that is in Cassis, but this track is greater or more hard 1:30 a.m., They say it is very difficult but has the look from the top of cliffs that help improve the track fatigue, we did not have that, we first, We stop the car in Parking Col de la Gardiole, for we read in a blog that the road would be easier and with a quiet track, because Pri does not like trails.

Getting into Calanque d'En-Vau

But after we parked the car, there are several trails leaving the parking lot, us as we were in the mobile internet, went the route google maps indicated being the fastest, only that the fastest track we played a bluff loose rocks and very very difficult, no need to mention that the Pri wanted to kill me, for she had said to go the other way and I said no, because that would be easier.

TurMundial the Calanque d'En-Vau

After venturing into this track we come to paradise, very worth it, the beach is beautiful too one of the nicest we have ever visited in my life, is among the top 5 beaches.

We spent all morning on this beach more than crystal clear waters and a wonderful shade of blue.

Cove of En Vau

Calanque En Vau

You have many people who make this boat ride, but the boat is far from the beach, and people do not come down on the beach, these tours leave from the port of Marseille, and have another way to get well, people will kayak from Cassis.


On the way back we got back to the correct track it is easy and wide,It lasted around 50 minutes have room to pass a car, but can only walk, Here we show below how to follow the correct path out of estacionamento.Recomendamos carry water (mainly for track) it's food, because the beach has nothing, or bathroom.

First following entry that has a Park Board.

National Park das Calanque

Soon after will have a fork that you go to the right following signs of colors, the scores indicate, do not go the left is the hardest.

Trail National Park Calanque

After marveling at this paradise, we know the other beaches, something very important, It is good to go in the morning as in the afternoon sun does not hit the beach.

National Park das Calanque

Another important thing to talk about is that in the summer it may be that it has risk of fires in the forests and it follows that often close the trails and parking lots, plus it should be a very very full, then we recommend going in April, okay that the water is very cold, but the temperature to make the trail is well traqnuila and is not as crowded and not run the risk of being closed.


How to get and make the trail to the Calanques of Port-Miou and Port-Pin

How to get and make the trail to the Calanques of Port-Miou and Port-Pin

Going back to the car we took the car to go to the Calanques of Port-Pin and Port-Miou, these two beaches are very close to the city center, if you are by car leave the parking lot Parking Calanque, which it is also a very beautiful place with two restaurants.

Calanques of Port-Miou

The trail that parking for this Calanque is easy and quiet, us 35 minute walk to the calanque of Port-Pin, through the Calanque de Port-Miou.

The Calanque de Port-Miou is not so beautiful compared to other, and because the beach is next to a small port, As you can see.

Calanques of Port Pin

The walk goes both Calanques is very beautiful and quiet many families with children and even baby stroller make the trail, go through the trail that goes bordering the sea. Only the last part is more nag because it has a mild bluff of rocks, but very light.

Calanques of Port-Miou

A Creek of Port Pin, is very beautiful small beach stones with a beautiful visual, also with the crystal clear waters.

Creek of Port Pin

We stayed there enjoying the afternoon in this paradise, you also need to know.

For those who want to make a trail that passes by the three Creeks in Port-Miou, a Port-Pin and the D'En-Vau, reaching the last track after more than 1h30, said to be more difficult, but we saw some photos and the visual worth.

Creek of Port Pin

Returning to the car, we eat as we were starving, We were walking along trails all day and do not take food, but we take water for at least phew, and after eating we were trying to find another Calanque, which was Calanque Sormiou you can leave the car right near the beach.

Cassis Creeks

A Calanque Sormiou It is also very beautiful, but it is more urban, what does lose some charm, but worth knowing, it has a restaurant and some chalets, we were there very little to see the sunset, we thought it could be in the sea but it was not.

Calanque Sormiou

Another very important tip, go for shoes slipper is not recommended, and I will speak one or more light water bottles because they are unspoilt beaches have no type of trade.

Calanque Sormiou

In short this Parque das Creeks It is a paradise on Côte D´Azur (Cote d'Azur or French Riviera), you have to visit and meet.

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