Passaporte Brasileiro agora pode ser solicitado pelos correios!!

Brazilian passport can now be requested by mail!!

March 1, 2018 12 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Good news for those who live in Spain, but no Brazilian consulate in the city, or do not have time to go to the consulate, the Brazilian Consulate in Barcelona announced earlier this month that it is now possible to make your Brazilian passport by mail!! Siiim, all the mail, much easier right? The validity and value of the document are the same as made pessoalmente.Verificamos the Brazilian Consulate in Madrid also performs this procedure, so check their jurisdiction to be able to apply correctly:

also researched some other countries as Holland (Rotterdam), Italy (Milan), England (London), Portugal (Porto) e Germany (Berlin) also already have this service, but to be safe it is best to take a peek at the Brazilian consulate site in the city you are to see if the procedures are exactly the same and what the shipping address.

The information below is provided by the Brazilian consulate in Barcelona, so you can make your request :

If you want to renew your passport by mail, and it is in Barcelona and nearby, You must fill in the electronic form of passport request, print a protocol sheet generated at the end and send all documentation indicated below to the following address:
General Consulate of Brazil
Avenida Diagonal 468 – 2 plant
08006 – Barcelona

necessary documentation (documents must be ORIGINAL):
• signed protocol sheet and current picture casting field not indicated;
• birth certificate or marriage;
• Passport to be replaced;
• Brazilian identity document with photograph (RG, CNH, Working Papers, professional entity portfolio – OAB, CRM, CREA, etc);
• voter Title (for Brazilians between 18 e 70 years), or receipt that already had voter registration, although she has not voted in the last elections;
• Military Document (for Brazilian males between 18 e 45 years old);
• Proof of payment of consular fees (off “receiving entity”);
• Envelope “Postal Express 350g” Parts return of documents;
• In the case of passports for minors, parents should send original identification documents (passport or ID / DNI);
• In the case of passports for minors, O authorization form It should be with firms recognized by a notary.

Attention: If you do not have the documentation indicated above, please do not insist: you will have to come personally to the Consulate General. Requests that arrive with incomplete documentation will be returned.

It will not be allowed to renew passports by mail in case of lost passports still VALID or in the case of citizens who have completed eighteen years of age and have never done military enlistment. In such cases, the applicant must come personally to the Consulate General.

Select the desired option:
Passport for adults
Passport for children under eighteen years of age
passport stolen / misplaced
Return Authorization to Brazil (Billion)
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