Patatas Bravas!! Onde comer as melhores de Barcelona?

Spicy potatoes!! Where to eat the best of Barcelona?

November 30, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

A potato Brava (Brava potato) she's the queen of many bars and restaurants is one of the tapas (snacks) most famous of Spain, the star and cheapest tapas. They are a type of baked potato, then fried and comes with a sauce mayonnaise base and peppers, in some places do not put mayonnaise. Good choice at any time: in a meeting between friends, a football match, the summer noon, in winter and why not also in the fall, Finally at any time of year.

The important thing is to celebrate one of the most revered dishes, still in style tapas, so the TurMundial public a list of places selected by the site skyscanner, a selection of 10 the best tapas of bravas potatoes Barcelona.Você to decide whether to prefer the more classic or more modern. Enjoy it and fork in hand.

In Vivanda we found a fantastic: aioli connected with oil, sobrasada which gives a different touch to a creamy rustic brave more than chips. Besides that, they can become extremely tasty with spicy oil they serve with the dish. Vivanda is located in Major street Sarrià, 134.

The Marin Bar for over five decades provide bravas potatoes in Sant Andreu: the secret sauce, as it could be otherwise, very smooth and creamy aioli sauce. The place is classic and conventional, their tapas and dishes too, but they are so well made and are so tasty that will leave you in love with this bar. Bar Marina is located not Walk Torras i Bages, 16.

This place is the evolution of the classic Bar, managed by the same owner, and keeps the focus on excellence of the raw material. In addition to a bar, It is also vermutería, restaurant and night bar ballad. The offer of Lolita goes beyond the classic tapas, it's worth asking two brave (and much more). Tapería Lolita is located in Tamarit, 104, local 2-4

The legendary Bar Tomas de Sarria. They say this is the best white water city, as a matter of fact, this fame gave a simple bar that always, it's full. What is the secret of success? The secret recipe of a single sauce, others will have to find out! Thomas Bar is located in Major street Sarrià, 49

A single space, renovado por Jean Nouvel; a fantastic location in the heart of Barcelona; It is a bar 26 meters, the longest in the city, It is just one of the brands of beer Factory Moritz Barcelona. But there is more, a lot more, a store, a wine bar and a micro brewery, where you can enjoy a fresh unpasteurized Moritz. The kitchen, which offers a journey through the world through a letter of excellent tapas.

The wild potatoes is one of the best. The Moritz Factory Barcelona is located in Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39
WINERY MOTNFERRY Over 48 year existence the house has the old owner couple to three partners determined to turn it into a reference point in the panorama of Barcelona botequeiro. Here also try a different wild potatoes with a spicier touch that makes them unique, you can also eat some sandwiches and you can buy a bulk wine or vermouth. There are few places like this.

Montferry It is located on the street Violant Hungary, 105 The BAR The Bar is the perfect evolution of a traditional tapas bar serves classic life with a contemporary touch and careful. Far from hiding the secret of his success,Bar has a sauce breathtaking, see recipe: picadilho chorizo(Spicy pork), tomato sauce with roasted peppers and homemade mayonnaise … um is mouthwatering! The Bar Barcelona is located in Calabria street, 118.

Another historical site that resurfaces with the investment of young entrepreneurs is the Olympic Bar del Raval. The decor is the years 50, very vintage, giving you even more charm. Olympic Bar is synonymous with tapas, sandwiches, snacks and drinks at very good price. Olympic Bar is located in Raval, in Barcelona, on the street Joaquim Costa, 25B.

A local creative cuisine that gives a different twist to the classic tapas bar. But go here and eat potatoes bravas seen in a new dimension the brave potatoes are accompanied by a mild aioli sauce made with roasted garlic, is a touch to the sauce is black pepper. Elsa and Fred is located on the street Rec Comtal 11.

Its cuisine is based on compromise, quality and proximity. Do not miss the brave potatoes cut into very small pieces,with base and aioli, spicy surprise. Wine, Tapas and cocktails complete a true gastronomic experience. Districte Born is located on the street Princesa, 33.

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