Peñíscola, na província de Castellón

Peñíscola, in the province of Castellón

January 15, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Peñíscola, is an ancient city built on top of a rock, hence the name Peñiscola, O Castle Peñíscola (also known as Castillo Templar) It is one of the attractions to visit in Peñíscola. Built on an ancient Muslim fortress, very common in southern Spain, the castle was the last refuge of Pope Luna (AntiPope Bento XIII).

Currently it is open all year and has important museums and art galleries to visit in Peñíscola, the city is between Barcelona and Valencia, a good tip if you are going by car to visit some of these towns, a stop there is sure to be amazing.

In the castle you can access the old fortified city, where we find interesting sights like the walls of Peñíscola that stand out the Dark portal it's the San Pedro portal, two of the three entrances to the medieval city. Other attractions to visit in Peñíscola are: a Church of the Virgin of Socorro, O Mare de Deu d'sanctuary Ermitana (the patron of the city) or gardens Artillery Park.

A party that enjoyed are the beaches Peníscola, which are one of the major tourist attractions, if you are a beach lover tourist like us, one of the things to do in Peñíscola, no doubt, It is to take a sun bath and a cold beer on the beach.

The promenade leads to the North beach. With the castle in the background, It is one of the most popular beaches along the South Beach and the beach of Las Viudas. If you are looking for a little more tranquility, at the southern end of the city, you will find the Russian beach and beach Pebret.

Near the beaches, one of the most popular places to see in Peñíscola is Natural Park of Sierra de Irta. In addition to its numerous trails for hiking and biking, you can also visit several interesting monuments, like Castelo de Xivert, a Ermida de Santa Lucia e Saint Benedict Or the tower Ebrí.

In Peñiscola Castellon, very reminiscent of the medieval town of Sveti Stefan in coastal Montenegro, or even the medieval city on the French coast Mont Saint-Michel, all are beautiful wonders to know.