Phuket – Um dos paraísos da Tailândia

Phuket - One of the paradises in Thailand

October 21, 2014 3 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Phuket, It is a province, a town and an island in Southeast Thailand, this region of Thailand is known for its wonderful beaches and resorts.

We stayed in Bang Tao beach, one of Thailand's beaches most devastated by the Tsunami 2004, this beach was the hotel where happened the real story of the film "The impossible"Which depicts the story of a Spanish couple and their three children in this disaster, the film is sad, but it is spectacular. But all there is already rebuilt, or it looks like it happened all there.

Bang Tao beach

Going back to Phuket, the place is paradise has beautiful beaches, resorts that are very cheap, to Brazil or Europe standards.

We left Bali, which is another haven and already posted on there too and went to Phuket, just deciding not get many days, only 3 Total, because some people who had gone there, They told that the city of Phuket had a lot of prostitution, only we have not seen any of that, only a few out doors with prostitution advertisements, but not too much, maybe because we were at a resort far from the center, then we very calm.


But as we had already booked everything in Brazil, we get another day in the beautiful island also, call Koh Phi Phi Don, then we will write about this place.

Phuket base serves to go Ilhas Phi Phi, Praia Mayabay, e Islands James Bond, By not be more days in Phuket, just failing to make the trip around the island James Bond, a feather, It must be wonderful.

we 1 no day resort, which is a very beautiful beach and also wanted to enjoy the place and relax, that day we decided what we were going to do the next day, as there are many tour options (Phi Phi, James Bond, Safari with Elephant, quads, waterfalls, Elephant bath, temples, that's what we learned, but there are many options).

We chose a tour that included waterfall, temples, and gave the elephant bath.

Elephant bath

This tour was too, the bathing the elephant was great and exciting.

You feed them in the mouth also. See the video above.


Then we went into a temple which is inside a cave, which has some monkeys to see, the temple is cool, who they say they had several monkeys, the temple is cool, but has very few monkeys, Near the Uluwatu weather in Bali.

Uluwatu weather in Bali



Monkeys in Thailand

We stopped for lunch (I was included in the tour), and we thought it would be ok food, but our food was a long but very good, Excellent.

After a rest we went to a waterfall and a short walk in the woods, It was a normal ride, but as I was inside the package we were, the only fun thing is that the waterfall is a part that can swim there and have those fish that do the fish spa (see in the video above), which we commented that we did in Bali also.

fish spa

Waterfall in Thailand

The elephant is lying on the river and you're bathing in it and can take several shots on him, very beautiful. The funny thing was that before we start to bathe him, he let out a fart in water, imagine the noise, rsrsrsrrs.

thailand elephant

How to get
Phuket has airport, then we plane there, but you can drive up the coast of Thailand or boat coming from another region, as the city of Krabi.

Getting Phuket

The food in Thailand is very good, especially for those who enjoy seafood and fish, the base of which is rice, it is a region that produces much rice.

We thought we would have problems with pepper, but there is much more quiet compared to Bali, if you order food without pepper, comes without even pepper, and Bali was not so…

thailand Beaches

We had lunch and dinner (2 days) at the resort we stayed, the food was very good, and we also have to take into consideration that it was an international hotel brand, so had some adjustments. We tried a Day dinner at two restaurants nearby, but both were closed, this because we arrived during regular hours, around 21 pm and had just closed, we wanted dinner there as was speaking at the site that had dj, legal bebidinhas etc., Maasss… did not work, They said it was not peak season (which is from November to May, we were in June) had many things closed.

On another day as I said we had lunch on the sidewalk.

Where to stay
We stayed in a wonderful resort, It had everything you need to be happy, Facing the sea, with pool also facing the sea, great breakfast, wi fi (only at the reception, or in recreational areas), tv, bar, rent surfboards and stand up (because of rough seas it was, We can not do stand up).

The resort calls Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa, There also takes place to the wonderful massage THAI (is not one that is sexy huh lol), as there everything is pretty cheap, or hotel, the rides, massages, there were three types of massage, I do not remember the names, We choose one that almost caught, but we left very relaxed.

Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa

Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa

Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa

Things to Do in Phuket and what are the main attractions of Phuket.


Things to Do in Phuket and what are the main attractions of Phuket

Trip to the Phi Phi Islands, that you can go back and forth on the same day, we prefer to stay on the island, so we took the ferry and we 4 days there, I'll talk more in another post;

Tour to James Bond Island;

Safari with Elephants;

Tours with ATVs;


Things to Do in Phuket

Plan your trip

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