Por que amamos tanto viajar com autocaravana?

Why we love to travel with motorhomes so much?

January 12, 2022 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Why do we love traveling with a campervan or motorhome? Whenever we travel with one, our answer becomes clearer and, it's a very simple answer, but that comes loaded with thousands of good feelings, one of them without a doubt is the freedom to be able to go anywhere, anytime without relying on hotel reservations, or having to wait for a train, or sit around waiting for your flight to cancel, with a motorhome you can park in thousands of places, always when they are allowed, for that there is the application Park4night that helps us a lot on our travels, in it you will find safe places to park, you can see the comments of those who have already stopped there and by the notes see what suits you best, because it also depends a lot on the size and height of your motorhome, whether or not you can park. Another sign of freedom is that you can choose whether to eat “at home” (at the caravan) because they all have a kitchen or, if you don't feel like cooking, or you can eat in a restaurant.

Caravan Van Van Go

But you have to be careful because, on a motorhome trip is not always for everyone, like everything in life, not everyone likes the same things, still well, but why am i saying this? 'Cause you gotta remind yourself you're literally moving with a house on your back, only without water, gas, piped sewer and electricity, that is, you will have to be prepared for from time to time depending on the number of people inside the campervan, bathing, washing dishes etc, put water, clear excrement (we in 2 people normally do this work every 2, 3 days not maximum, It also depends a lot on the size of the clean and dirty water tank.) and for the light, we always recommend having solar panels on the roof of the motorhome so that it is autonomous and you can walk with it peacefully and not have to stop at any camping site to have to charge it at the socket because, the other tasks I mentioned can be done in different places intended for motorhomes without having to pay, the light also exists in some free places, but it's harder, in Europe where we know more, there are many places for this.


In relation to water, the order is always to save, no bathing, brushing teeth, washing dishes with the faucet on, the order is always to lather, turn off the faucet and then rinse. Another thing you also have to be aware of, is the height of the vehicle, for us, for example, who had never driven large vehicles, motorhomes are usually around 3m high and, nowadays that we are paying attention we had never noticed the amount of tunnels with a height of less than 3m, the bad thing is when this happens obviously you will have to dodge, it already happened to us once, lucky we read the sign before and went back, so always watch out for signs.

Signs is something if you don't read, have to start reading, if you want to drive a campervan, because in these areas where you can park motorhomes you have to check if you can only park or camp, what is to remove chairs, tables, awning etc, for if any guard sees you camping in some forbidden place, he will surely fine you or talk to you.

We have already rented with some motorhome companies, but after we discovered the From Van Go we don't change anymore, they have very good campervans, new, equipped with everything necessary, the service is great, are always available in case you have any problems, they have several offices in different parts of Spain and at a good price, so without a doubt we will continue to Rent a campervan with Van Van Go, We highly recommend it and some friends who have also rented with them loved the experience of traveling with a motorhome and the service provided by them.

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