Por que Dublin?

Why Dublin?

February 5, 2015 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As I said last post, in April 2015, we move to Dublin, capital Ireland. Many people asked the question, why Dublin? So in this post I will tell you why I chose to go there.

Our goal in addition to live abroad, for many reasons, one of them is to study and speak fluent English, then last year we began to think which countries spoke English and we could live, the first list were: U.S (cities of Miami, Orlando or Fort Lauderdale), England (London), Ireland (Dublin), Australia and New Zealand, we had not chosen the cities.

In that first moment we had already disposed of Canada because of the cold, not that in London and Dublin do not, but Canada is muitoooo.

Our choice was for elimination.

Miami, Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, We have many things we like, like being able to have a big house, car, are a few flight hours from Sao Paulo, so we would be closer to family and friends, only go there collides with some caveats, which is seen, or a green card or permission resident. The visa is the easiest, but it has many restrictions to work, out what they are mega hard with immigration, we went back down to see to start a business, a Spanish national, as I have said in other posts I have dual citizenship, but it is a long and difficult process, but maybe one day, then discard United States because of this.

London, this other option no longer had the visa or work problems, to be part of the European Union, we could live and work legally because of Spanish citizenship, Pri has no citizenship, but being married to me it has almost the same European citizen rights, why always talk, if you have chance to have a European citizenship, go behind it, Here on the blog we speak as we did for take Spanish citizenship. What did we discard London, were the high cost of housing, we would have to move away from the center and studies are also much more expensive than elsewhere.

Australia, there we had two problems that eliminated the United States and England (the US visa and expensive housing in England), the visa there is easy, You can work legally, several friends told that they receive very good Brazilians, but what made us discard, It was that it is very far from Brazil and if necessary come back here, It takes a long time and is very expensive passage.

New Zealand, It fell on the same problem in Australia, the distance from Brazil.

Dublin, It was the only place we did not find a problem that kept us from there, despite the cold, rain and wind, but there has not seen the problem, It is not as expensive to live and study, It is not so far from Brazil, trabalhando lá temos os benefícios de ser cidadão da comunidade europeia e o melhor de todos, We can travel to many places in Europe, we love, with very cheap flights and we will post lots of pictures and tell everything here!!

Keep following us on the blog and on facebook, to accompany us in this adventure to live and study in Dublin.

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