Praia Barra do Sahy – São Sebastião – Brasil

Barra do Sahy Beach – San Sebastian – Brazil

March 21, 2012 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Barra do Sahy, is a beach located on the northern coast of São Paulo, a Beach Barra do SahyIt belongs to the town of San Sebastian, and is soon after Juquehy.

In our opinion it is one of the most beautiful beaches in San Sebastian, It has clear and clean waters.

How to get
From São Paulo, you will have some options roads and transportation.

If car:
You can go down the highway of Immigrants, then Highway Piaçaguera Guaruja (Bertioga sense) and then the Rio-Santos.
Another option is to go by the highway Ayrton Senna (former Workers) or highway Dutra, go up and down the Mogi Mogi-Bertioga, take the Rio-Santos highway (toward San Sebastian).

If bus:
Catch the bus company seaside (the site is the company Bird Brown) One description, bus have to get off the highway and walking to the beach.

Where to stay
To rent houses there use the site Rentals. But there are also several options hostels, look for the one you like in booking.

What to eat
How to rent a house, we barbecue every day and we ended up not eating in restaurants, but there are several of them on the main road from the beach.

Next to the Barra do Sahy Beach, in Whale Beach scrolls a Handicraft Market.

Main Attractions Playa Barra do Sahy
The beach itself is very pretty, the left side has a small river that flows into the sea and there is an island that is facing the beach, called "The Islands"(there are some hotels that make trips there).

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Barra do Sahy
Barra do Sahy Beach
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Barra do Sahy
Barra do Sahy