Praia de areia preta? Também existe, venha saber onde fica essa maravilha!!

black sand beach? there is also, will know where is this wonder!!

August 25, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The Greek Islands are paradise beaches in Europe, a more beautiful beach than the other, with crystal clear waters in shades of green and blue, enchant all going, there are very different beaches to us Brazilians, as the pink sand beach, red sand beach and yet a completely black sand beach, so even black.

The Santorini Island, é um dos principais cartões postais da Greece with its white houses with blue roofs facing the sea, but the island goes far beyond that, It has several beaches to meet.

The Perissa Beach is one of those black sand beaches you should know in Santorini, the more different the beach is not the crystal-clear blue or green tones there the highlight is the beach sand which is black.

Perissa Beach is one of those black sand beaches

The black sand beach is due to the fact that the island of Santorini is a volcanic island and the black sand comes from these eruptions many years ago, the beaches are not white sand, They are black sand, red or stone, there we find the different beaches and beautiful, but are not the beautiful and famous beaches in Greece, like Balos Beach, a Navagio Beach, or Agio Anna Beach.

Santorini Island

But this of black sand beach He enchanted us to be very different from the beaches we know.

Only a warning is the beach sand is very, very warm even because her color, only you can ride slipper, be careful not to get any little stone in it, it is certain it is too hot it can burn your feet. As with our rsrs.

black sand beach on Santorini

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