Praia do Campeche – Florianópolis – Brasil

Campeche Beach - Florianópolis – Brazil

March 29, 2012 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Beach located south of the island with a great extension, the front is located Campeche Island, there are tours to the island out of the Lagoa da Conceição.

Ideal for surfing, skysurf e windsurf.

At the edge of the beach, called small river several kiosks, than in other parts of the beach does not have.

Getting into Campeche Beach

From the city center, you can go by the Lagoa da Conceição, or via swamp direction south of the Island / Campeche.

From São Paulo are more or less 700km, the road Régis Bittencourt (only access from São Paulo).or Airplane.

Where to stay
The hotel infrastructure is very small, better stay at other beaches with more hotel options, the last time we were booked at a hotel site booking. But this time we were at a friend's house, no local.

What to eat
Be sure to eat the shrimp sequence of wonder (Local specialty, It is everywhere), in Riozinho they have some restaurants that serve the dish, But the price in Lagoa da Conceição is better.

Oyster is also a great choice for location.

All parties and ballads that take place on the beach and in the city are electronic music, most famous DJs worldwide, They touch on Florianopolis. Be sure to go on The Divine and on P12 (Parador 12).

We were not the place for shopping, but in Floripa path there are many crystal shops and bed and bath linens.

main attractions
– Ballad (The Divine e P12)
– Every 42 Island beaches
– boat tours around the island, Anhatomirim to visit the Fort and the Bay of Dolphins.

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Campeche Beach
Campeche Beach
Campeche Beach - Florianópolis - Brazil
View of Campeche Island

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