Praias para descontrair perto de Barcelona

Beaches to relax near Barcelona

July 1, 2021 2 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

While friends and acquaintances publish stories of their feet soaked in sand and how they have fun drinking, on beautiful beaches like we do, are you at home watching tv, that's why we bring here a short list of wonderful beaches near Barcelona, so you can also enjoy these wonders.

1. Cala Portaló (Cadaqués)

We don't get tired of talking and writing, that Cadaqués is a destination that everyone should know, a beautiful town that was once a fishing village and is enchanted by its small all-white houses and a clean sea with clear water.. Cala Portaló (Cala, which in spanish means cove), about 40 meters of extension, is a cove cut by cliffs that are difficult to access. E, precisely for that, we believe: it's worth it to become an adventurer like Indiana Jones for a moment and come out to enjoy. Because, in this case, it is true that the greater the effort, bigger the reward.


2. Castle Castle (Palamos)

Cala del Castell is a virgin beach, a remnant of nature hidden in touristic Palamós. Here the waters are crystal clear and green, there is no garbage floating in the water and although there is no castle, do you feel like the king or queen of the place.

Castle Castle (Palamos)

3. Cala Aiguablava (Begur)

One of the best beaches on the Costa Brava. It's better to give importance to the plural. It is better to continue specifying and say that the beach - the beaches- stay in Girona, Costa Brava, so think the Catalans, who is right about the beauty of the Costa Brava. In Begur, as we say, there are some of the best coves in Spain. Must go to the Caribbean Sea? This beach is just over an hour from Barcelona.

Cala Aiguablava (Begur)

4. Cala dels Frares (Lloret de Mar)

Ask yourself for people who live in Catalonia, will tell you not to go to Lloret de Mar, a city made famous by German tourists who went just to party, but this is more during the night of the city and it has changed a lot and has magical spaces that humans seem to have not stepped on yet.. This is the case with this cove, perfect for lovers of snorkeling and fishing.

Cala dels Frares (Lloret de Mar)

5. Ice water (Palafrugell)

It's a sin not to go to this beach without a good camera or, a good memory. Because it's really beautiful. Aigua Xelida is made up of several small beaches, we've all visited. If you have the possibility to sail or rent a boat, here in Spain there are small boats for rent without the need to have permission to pilot boats, we recommend that you enter the cave In Gispert, worthy of being the setting for a film.

We are in love with these beaches and this region, every summer we go there and we highly recommend it.

Ice water (Palafrugell)

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