Primavera em Barcelona, hora de aproveitar os parques da cidade

Spring in Barcelona, time to enjoy the city parks

April 13, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

On the last day 20 March came to spring in the northern hemisphere, and with it the nature back to life, the sun starts to get stronger and lasting longer days, it's time to enjoy the parks City of Barcelona and see the sunrise of the flowers and leaves.

Along the spring here in Europe, also entered the summer time (26/03) which lasts less 7 months.

At that time all start to get more time away from home, in a park doing picnic, having a beer and lunch on the terraces of a bar or restaurant.

The city returns to install the chiringuitos (are the beach kiosks) on the beaches of Barcelona, that they have been withdrawn in winter.

Spring in Barcelona, time to enjoy the city parks

Parks again have many attractions, with festivals, like primaverasound the biggest festival of the parks, see in the Primavera Sound programming site.

Speaking of Barcelona parks, has many, some more famous, other more hidden and that few people know, so let's talk a little bit of all.

The most famous are:

O Guell park, built by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, It is located in the city, on top of a mountain, which means that the park has a beautiful view of the city, beyond that view the park has many beautiful buildings, as the hanging garden, the dragon Gaudí, the endless walkways with its columns that resemble palm trees and spring flowers grow again, or also the gardeners plant new park.

Guell park

O Ciutadella Park, very close to the beach in the Born district (Gothic), It is a delightful park with many people having picnic, some scattered musicians, people walking on the lake boats, this park is our favorite, there is a beautiful fountain, one of the most beautiful in Europe, besides all this, still has the Barcelona Zoo, It is within the park.

Ciutadella Park

O Montjuic Park, which is next to the harbor, on the mountain, also it has a beautiful view of the beaches of Barcelona and the city, this park is made up of several other parks, there are the buildings of the Barcelona Olympic park where the Olympic games were held in 1992, Furthermore it has the Joan Miró Foundation, the Montjuïc Castle in the late spring and summer all , a part of it becomes an outdoor movie theater, and the Catalan History Museum.

Montjuic Park

Another famous park is Park Tibidabo, which is adding an amusement park and a normal park, there has the highest view of the city of Barcelona, the park is a place to take the kids and is also great for making mountain bike and off bike, many go there to train for bike tours, as the tour of France and Spain.

Park Tibidabo

Other parks that are not famous but are as beautiful as the others.

O Labyrinth Park, as the name implies is a maze, It is far away from the city center, but it is a very nice park,well maintained, in addition to the maze for you to lose. When I did not have to pay, but now needs, the input value is 2,30 EUR per person, but it is the 4th fair tip and Sunday remains free.

Labyrinth Park

O Putxet Park, It is a park that is next to our house and we often walk to this park, or have a picnic on top of it and enjoy the view of this wonderful city.

 Putxet Park

O Park Creueta Coll, It has a public swimming pool with access to wheelchair users, is a very different park from other, and still have a hike to get up the mountain coming out from inside the park.

Park Creueta Coll

Park Creueta Coll

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